Senioritis: The Cause and The Cure

The Disease Affecting Millions

Diego Gonzalez, Writer

The Cause

As I enter my last year, I can feel it coming. Knowing the finish line is right there makes it feel as if my journey is already over. Do I really even need this last year of high school? No I don’t, let me go home please I’m tired. symptoms I’ve been feeling recently are a drop in grades, not completing assignments,

procrastination and loss of interest in studies. Most days the pain is manageable and I can go to school and be a good student, but some days I can’t stand being at school, and I just want to be at home. However the problem with being home, is homework. I come home to around two hours of homework a night on average, so even when I think I’m home free, I’ll have to do more school at home, along with preparing for college.

The Cure

Keeping a positive attitude helps, I try to make the most out of everything in my classes, but man some of these classes are so boring. The way to success is by taking a lot of breaks in between my homework. I also reward myself for all the little things I do, just as Mr. Bishop has told us to. I also try to stay organized which has helped me get most of my assignments in on time. I started changing up where I do my school work, sometimes I’ll go outside and do my homework, or just sit in the kitchen and do work so I don’t get bored or distracted like I usually do when I’m in my room. Really though, the most useful thing I do for myself is constantly reminding myself that soon I will be free, reminding myself of the end goal helps to elevate the stress and boredom I feel this year for school.