What the Heck is Squid Game?


Megan Pierret, Staff Writer

The new show, “Squid Game”, was created by a man named Hwang Dong-hyuk. This show depicts a competition between 456 players with the chance to make mass amounts of money. While getting his inspiration for the competitions from children’s games, it is ironic how popular it has become with teenagers to recreate these competitions.

This show has brought a concept to the table that has never been shown before. It has engaged its viewers by using relatable content with the games that they have recreated, and the battles that many families have gone through during the pandemic.

There was a poll taken recently asking different people around the school if they would join a competition to win $38 million while the odds are stacked against you. The majority of the people said no, and when they were asked for a reason, they based the answer on their current circumstances. The competitors in the show were either living in or headed for poverty, but if you are neither of these, then risking your life does not make sense.

“No amount of money could make it worth it to risk leaving your family,” senior Riley Plock said.

The high, dramatic stakes makes you wonder why it  has become the most-watched show on Netflix.

From “Red light, Green light” to “Dalgona Cookies”, many people have been trying to bring these games to life. Filters and games have been created on many different platforms in which kids have become obsessed and have introduced people to the show.

While watching the show, it makes you wonder, “If I was in this, would I be able to win?” Having the ability to bring these games to life has brought back childhood memories that you may have forgotten you had.