Bubble Gum Does Not a Cookie Make


Reese James Peterson, Staff Writer

This makes week four in our on going Crumbl Cookie Review.

This weeks flavor lineup is Sugar featuring Twix, Bubble Gum, Peanut Butter Cup and Classic Krispy Bar. Overall a pretty lackluster Crumbl flavor week overall.

That being said there, were a few gems in these flavors. Voted first was Sugar feat. Twix. The caramel chocolate topping complemented Crumbl’s classic sugar cookie very well. The Twix cookie this week was by far the best tasting cookie and an obvious winner.

Next, in second place this week is the Peanut Butter Cup cookie. This cookie was full with peanut butter, with a peanut butter flavored cookie, additional peanut butter topping, along with Reese’s cup pieces topping. Some argued that the peanut butter flavor was too rich. However, this cookie was the favorite of Mr. Yunt or as he put it, “that’s a good cookie.”

Third is the Classic Krispy Bar cookie. The flavor of the cookie was good; however, the fact that it’s fundamentally not a cookie is why it has to be ranked at three.

In definite last place was the Bubble Gum cookie. Bubble gum does not translate well to cookie form. A total of three people liked the Bubble Gum cookie. However, the people who disliked it was met with putting a hand over mouth and saying “Oh God” in dislike.

That wraps up this week for our Crumbl reviews.  Don’t get the Bubble Gum Cookie unless you have a love for all things bubble gum. Come back next week hoping for better flavors.