Cleaning for a Cause!


Chinwe Onwere, Staff Writer/Editor

What’s more relaxing than coming home to a clean house? After a stressful day, there is nothing more that I want to do than climb into my clean bedroom sheets and take a nap. Although I often dread the process of cleaning itself, the outcome often leaves me quite fulfilled.

However, many people are often too busy to deal with adequately cleaning their house 24/7. In the light of recent events with Mr. Blair, religion teacher Mr. Havey decided to organize a house clean in order to help support him.

“I organized this activity because Mr. Blair is my good buddy. I’ve taught with him and coached with him for many years. He loves this place and it was wonderful to have his permission to freshen his home up,” Mr. Havey stated.

On October 11th, Mission Clubbers headed to Wheat Ridge after school, organizing their plan of attack. After permission forms were signed and turned in, sixteen students went to spend two hours cleaning Mr. Blair’s home.

“Mr. Blair sent us some cute instructions. After each direction he wrote, ‘do as you wish’. He is such a gentle, kind, and loving person,” Havey said. “His heart is filled with Holy Family just as he fills our hearts. The students worked hard for two hours. Mr. Blair showed up for the last 15 minutes and thanked us personally.”

Not only was it rewarding for Mr. Havey, but it was likewise gratifying for the students as well. Saffana Ottoborgo, a current senior who went to help out, remarked on her own experiences.

“I was in charge of cleaning his study, and there was a ton of really nifty old-time things (pictures, old games, badges, etc.). It took about two hours to clean!” Saffana said. “My favorite part was seeing all the cool antiques! Keep what makes you happy, so then people can appreciate what you like.”

It is amazing to see what people can achieve through dedication and teamwork!