Volleyball: Anna Hodell Makes a Comeback


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

It’s your senior year. You’re a captain and a star on the team. Your teammates are looking up to you to set the tone for this weekend and you’re getting ready to make it your best year yet.

That was how senior Anna Hodell thought the season would go for her until she got injured.  Athlete injuries are real and the recovery process is even more real.

Our game against Broomfield High School wasn’t a league game, it was the intro into our season. Anna left the game, feeling like something was off with her knee. After getting it checked out with Ryan Lawhead, the Holy Family Athletic Trainer, it was confirmed it was a hyperextension or tear. Taking extra caution, she went to the doctors, and the next thing we knew, she would be out for the majority of the season.

It’s been close to two months of Anna coming to our practices, driving to every game, and still supporting the team despite her not being able to play. Because her surgery was successful, there’s a chance she’ll be able to make an appearance on Senior Night against the Erie on Oct. 26 and potentially for the regional tournament the following week.

“I’m happy I get to come back before the season’s over, it was supposed to be a good year,” Anna said. “We have seven seniors and it would have been a competitive and fun time. It’s also the first year we’ve gotten a big student section since I’ve come to Holy Family.

“I’m just excited to come because ultimately I’ve just been wanting to play and help support my team on the court.”

The discussion about Anna coming back has two sides.

There are concerns that the chemistry that’s been built over the past few months could be shifted with such a big return. There’s also the side that she’s good and for the better of the team, she needs to go in and play.

For her returning game, playing solely front row seems like the best option to me. The pressure of a Senior Night game against a competitive team like Erie, hitting should be her focus. She has proved time and time again that she can play all around, consistent in the back row and carrying the team with her powerful serves.

However, she is still a player that’s been off for months so sticking to her strongest suit looks like the best option.

That being said, not being able to play, all she’s going to want to do is play all around the whole game. Looking at what’s best for the team and the overall confidence of everyone, I believe having her focus on her strong suit, hitting at the outside, would relay the best results.

“I think it’ll be good to have her back,” sophomore outside hitter Allie Ward said. “We’ve all missed her court presence, and she still does a lot for us off of the court but playing with her again will be great. Plus we have some big opponents coming up and having Anna able to go in is a big positive.”

Everyone knows Anna is a good team player on and off the court and whatever direction Coach Jenna Gallas goes, she will continue to cheer on her teammates. We’re all just happy there’s a chance she’ll make one last appearance on our Holy Family court before the season’s over.