Artist of the Week: Saffana Ottoborgo-Sharpless


Taeshawn Means, Staff Writer

Saffana Ottoborgo-Sharpless:

What is your favorite type of art to make? “I really like painting a lot with acrylics but ceramics are pretty cool. I like pottery. I’ve made a couple cups”.

Will you continue art as a hobby after high school? “Of course! I love art!”

What art class are you in right now? “I am in Honors Studio Art 2.”

An example of Saffana’s work

Mrs. Verretta, Saffana’s art teacher:

 How has Saffana’s artwork progressed throughout the years? “Saffana has progressed in her artwork with every piece she has created.”
 Explain your experience with her in your painting class. “I have enjoyed watching her work and her creative process both in two dimensional and three dimensional projects.”
 Has Saffana ever talked about doing this after high school? “She has many beautiful ideas and the execution is amazing.”
What kind of artwork have you encouraged Saffana to create? “Art will always be a part of her life no matter what path she pursues.”