Park it or Paint it?

The Great Senior Parking Debate

Park it or Paint it?

Abby Edwards, Staff Editor/Writer

Have you ever had a morning where your alarm just didn’t go off and you were running late to school, and to make things worse, when you got there you had to park as far away from the school as possible?

Well, that is the case for many Holy Family student drivers, specifically the seniors.

Whether students have a first block study hall or simply live far from school, there should still be closer spots available for them to park.

With the new renovations and additions to the school parking lot, staff parking is taking up more student spots than every before.

So we (the seniors) are in motion for a change.

Students at multiple other schools either pay for assigned parking spots, or have created a way to signify their solo spot, specifically by painting them. These students have come up with a creative way to put their own identity and mark on something that will be theirs for an entire year.

Because students at Holy Family are already required to pay for parking passes, it would be an easy measure to assign a spot to a student and make it theirs, and just as easily let them make it their own.

With such a big request from the student body, it could only be handled and dealt with by someone from higher up, the deans.

When Mr. Galmish and Mrs. Darschewski were asked with the artistic question of their opinion on letting the senior class every year paint their spots, they responded with, “We don’t want to really deal with more parking lot mishaps, and if someone paints a spot and someone else takes it, it will cause unnecessary drama. The parking lot works, and assigned spots will only just cause more work for someone else.”

So with this unfortunate response to a possible new addition to the school, what do we do? Give a possible solution.

One idea was given to student council leader, Chinwe Onwere.

“It would be fun, we would be more than happy to assign spots, and then we would know where people usually park anyway,” said Chinwe, about possibly compromising with the deans. “We see people next to their friends, and now it would just give us less stress to be to school so early.”

Possibly, adding a new job to senior student council every year could be fun and a great addition to the Holy Family student life.