October’s Pets of the Month: Lucy and Magnum Alderfer

Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

We all love our pets. Sometimes, even to an extreme (guilty!). Showing off your adorable, favorite fur balls is never something you should shy away from, so we created Pet of the Month! The winner for the month of October is… drum roll please… Lily Alderfer’s adorable two pups Lucy and Magnum!

Lucy (left) and Magnum (right)

Lucy, Irish Wolfhound Mutt, and Magnum, a Bernese Mountain dog, are the perfect candidates for the month of October with their cute costumes! Alderfer started the tradition of dressing them up as ghosts for the spooky season last year, and cannot wait to continue the Halloween fun!

The dogs became a part of the Alderfer family when Lily was just seven years old. Lucy joined in August, and Magnum was a Christmas present for Alderfer’s mom. At first, Lucy was jealous with the new puppy in the house, but they quickly became a perfect pair and close friends. Lucy will turn ten this year, and Magnum lived past the average lifespan of his breed, which is around eight years, passing away in January at nine years old.

Magnum are Lucy are complete opposites, which makes them an even more enduring duo. “Magnum is very photogenic, while Lucy refuses to look at the camera. This picture (on the right) captured the rare moment when both dogs actually smiled at the camera.” Lucy also has a much more rambunctious energy than Magnum, with Magnum always content just laying on the couch being petted while Lucy wants to run around and play.

Lucy (left) and Magnum (right)

Both dogs are super cute and loveable, and they both have their best qualities. Lucy’s beard is Alderfer’s favorite feature, as “her scraggly hair makes her very adorable”. Magnum, on the other hand, has “the best face and a sweet smile”.

They both love their family and their home, but their favorite place is Alderfer’s grandmother’s house. “I think both Magnum and Lucy’s favorite place is at my grandparent’s farm, where there are a million smells for them to smell and always a delicious treat (whipped up by my grandmother, of course) waiting in the kitchen for them,” Alderfer comments. “My grandparents are very kind people and most dogs like them, so it’s really not surprising that Magnum and Lucy love them so much.”

Even with Lucy still here with us, Magnum being gone has hit Alderfer and others that loved him hard. “I miss Magnum a lot. Little things often bring back memories of him, such as getting home after school and not finding him waiting for me at the gate. But whenever I miss him, I remember he’s no longer in pain and is in a much better place up in doggie heaven.”

Both dogs are precious, and we are lucky to have them featured for this month! Keep submitting your own pets for the months to come to have them featured!