Crumbl Cookie Review


Dominic Neely, Staff Writer

Welcome to the week 4 Crumbl cookie review. This week, the lineup was, Funfetti, Aggie Blue Mint, Double Fudge Brownie, and Pumpkin Cake. All but the Aggie Blue Mint was served warm, with that one being a nice, delicious chilled option. Though this week, the Newspaper staff was torn on some of the flavors, this my week, so I’m going to give my review.

1st – Aggie Blue Mint: When you open the box as a mint lover, and see this delicious blue/green cookie staring back up at you, you know it’s going to be a good day. It was chilled just right, with the mint flavor hitting just right, and a very solid cookie underneath.

2nd – Pumpkin Cake: It was obvious what the cookie was when you saw it, the cookie had the normal stand out “pumpkin color” to it. It tastes just like a pumpkin muffin, with a nice touch of small chocolate chips.

3rd – Double Fudge Brownie: This is a chocolate lover’s dream for sure. It’s a chocolate cookie, with chocolate drizzle all over it. It was, dare I say it, too much chocolate.

4th – Funfetti: Straight up, I didn’t like this cookie. It was super bland, and it somehow tasted worse than the Funfetti milkshake cookie. It wasn’t the worst I’ve ever had, but it was definitely my least favorite.

Stay tuned for the next week of, The Crumbl Cookie Review!!!