Top 11 Celebrity Look-alikes From HF

Isabella Marquez, Staff Writer

While walking through the busy halls of Holy Family, every once in a while, one might see a familiar face of a student or faculty member that reminds them of a celebrity. Here’s some of the most recognizable celebrity look-alikes from HF.

1. Morgan Salter – John F. Kennedy Jr.

The similarities in nose and jaw line are very obvious between Salter and Kennedy Jr. They also have a very similar smile.







2. Patrick Staff – Bryce Hall





Patrick Staff and Bryce Hall are very similar in the hair, nose and neck.

3. Samantha Genzer – Amanda Bynes

Genzer and Bynes have very similar face shapes and noses.








4. Mr. Yunt – Ryan Reynolds

Do we really need to explain this one? They basically look like cousins.






5. Nathan Willden – Dan Stevens

Nathan Willden’s smile is very similar to Steven’s and they have similar face shapes.









6. Claire Galmish – Zoe Boyle

Galmish and Boyle are similar due to their facial structure and eye shape.








7. Dominic Neely – Prince Charming from Shrek

The hair, the jawline, Neely is basically a real life prince charming.







8. Mr. DeSantis – Andre the Giant from Princess Bride

It’s definitely the side burns that make Mr. Desantis resemble Andre the giant.







9. Luca InchingoloManz – Mark Zuckerberg

Inchingolo Manz looks exactly like Zuckerberg, except for the hair. Their eyes are extremely similar.





10. Mr. Bishop – Hulk Hogan


The visual similarities between Hulk Hogan and Mr. Bishop are very obvious, but the mustache is the cherry on top.



11. CJ O’Neill – Karl Jacobs

What makes Karl Jacobs and CJ O’Neil alike is the similar hair style.