Pink Cookies In the Pink Box


Abby Edwards, Staff Writer/Editor

New month, new week, NEW COOKIES! This week at Crumbl Cookies there is a whole new and especially tasty lineup out! If you haven’t already gotten out there this week, get there fast, this week may be one of the best one’s that our lamppost staff has tasted. In the third week of our Crumbl review stories this one is sweeter and pinker than ever before.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

month, the first week of October cookies is all pink and in honor of the people fighting this disease. Fitting the pink theme the 4 new cookies for the week are pink velvet, ruby chocolate chip, pink doughnut and chocolate strawberry cheesecake.

Ranking first at the top of our lineup is the Pink Velvet cookie. This pink cookie was made of a light pink cake batter that crumbled the second it was in your mouth. This cookie was topped with an elegant layer of white cream cheese frosting and then dusted with pink velvet cookie crumbs. This cookie was gone the second the box was open.

Second cookie finished and second cookie in the ranking is the Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake. This dark, chilled, chocolate devotion of a cookie is second this week because of the lack of difference of major topping from the chilled classic sugar cookie. But still different enough to be on the top half of this week’s rankings. This cookie was filled with semi-sweet chocolate chips and then topped with a bright pink strawberry cheesecake frosting.

Falling second to last in this week’s rankings (mainly due to the fact that the top two were so good) is Pink Doughnut. Although the plain vanilla base of the cookie, the warm pink glaze, got dolled up in the entirety of the doughnut treatment. On top of the pink glaze rainbow sprinkles lay, and very quickly got inhaled by the lamppost staff.

Falling last at the bottom of our list, is Ruby Chocolate Chip. This slightly upscale chocolate cookie, is the main reason for its fall to the bottom of the ranking scale. The warm original cookie base is changed from the original chocolate chip by switching up the chips for some almonds and ruby chocolate chips. Although the cookie did stay strong with the warm gooey center, the taste just did not match up next to the other three contenders.

This weeks cookies meet the mark, and take it to another pink level. Go to your nearest Crumbl store, and fill the pink box with even more pink, and dive in!