A welcome back to Ms. Disberger


Megan Pierret, Staff Writer

What goes around comes around.

Ms. Hannah Disberger is a graduate from our very own Holy Family and she has great things to say about the path that this school led for her.

After she had graduated she went to Kansas State University to get her degree in history and secondary studies. When she first got to college she stated that she was the only person who was not shocked by how hard college was.

She gave credit for this to Holy Family and the programs we offer. She then finished out her college at the University of Colorado in 2019, and she was ready to take on her new teaching career.

For her first two years as a teacher, she was teaching at Fort Morgan High School.

Her next destination was here with us. When she thought about the effect that this school had on her a few years back, she hoped that she could have the same effect on the students in future years.

I am an alumna, and when I went here, I loved learning, the environment, and connecting with the teachers,” said Disberger, who is also helping coach the boys soccer team.

She believes that this school had a better structure that will set students up for more success, and hopes she can help them in their successes.

When she attended school she had teachers that are still with us today such as Mrs. Marck, Ms. Davis, and Mr. Blair.

She loved their classes and not only did they teach her our history, but she was also able to see what worked for them as teachers and what didn’t work for them. There were aspects of the class that were engaging and other parts that weren’t quite as engaging. She believes that by using this she will bring new energy to the classroom that will help students grow in their learning.