From QB to WR

Dominic Mazzulla

A jack of all trades.

You know what they say: “if you’re gonna do it all, be good at all of it.” That’s exactly what senior Tyler Stevens is doing. After a physical game against Resurrection Christian, an ample amount of two-way players unfortunately fell to injuries. Cornerback and wideout Blake Neece went down midway through the second half with a concussion and was deemed out on Monday, the 27th.

Tyler, being a quarterback and an unselfish team player, immediately was offered the job and accepted it. “I was a little disappointed at first that I would not be taking snaps and throwing touchdowns, however, I was excited to still contribute to the team and be on the field with my teammates. Playing receiver will give me a different view on the game and I am interested to see what’s in store.” Tyler said. Tyler was also able to make the transition effortlessly. As a quarterback, Tyler knows every route for every receiver in every formation, so the challenge of knowing what to do for Tyler was an easy one. Tyler also has exceptional hands, route running ability and football knowledge.

Sadly, the Tiger’s next game (October 1st) has been cancelled via forfeit from Canon City, so we will not get to see Tyler in action quite yet. With that being said, it is unknown whether Tyler will continue to take reps out wide or move back to commanding the show. Regardless of the future, the team and the football community appreciates Tyler’s great efforts of being a team player and doing whatever it takes to win.

The Tiger’s take on the 2-3 Thompson Valley Eagles in Loveland on Friday, October 8th.  This game is important for the Tigers, as it is the start of their league games, they need this game for momentum as they take on Fredrick and Mead in the following weeks.