Dress Code Drama


Maggie Dooley, Staff Writer

Homecoming week is always a favorite for a number of reasons, one of the top being spirit week. This year we had so many fun themes including coach potato day, twin day, and decades day and everyone was dressing for the themes!

Although we had great outcomes and tons of school spirit, we also had an issue with students following dress code. There were numerous students wearing leggings, short shorts and skirts, and crop tops; everyone thought they would get away with it. Students were initially asked to change if they had extra clothes, and most were complaint, but there was some resistance among some of the students.

Wednesday afternoon, we get an announcement addressing this issue. Mrs. Darschewski addressed the issue and determined the main problem was among the freshman class. It was decided that since the issue with following dress code had been so bad, the freshman class would not have the privilege of dressing up for spirit week or wearing spirit wear for the rest of the week.

Since hearing this, the dress code has improved among students in all grades. The freshmen, now in uniform, has helped the dress code, but sophomores and upperclassmen have also began following the dress code better. Everyone has realized that spirit days can be easily taken away and it’s better to follow it than to not have it at all.

Not everyone may agree with every dress code standard, but if you choose not to follow it, you won’t get the opportunity to have them anymore. According to the Holy Family website, “Holy Family’s dress code is designed to reinforce neatness, professionalism, responsibility and is a reflection of the importance of academic endeavors and school tradition.” Follow the dress code so we can have more spirit days.