Cookies That’ll Make Your Heart Crumbl!!!


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

Who doesn’t love a fresh box of giant cookies? A few classmates and I have the delicious opportunity to start our week with a bright pink box filled with heavenly baked goods. The Crumbl company kick-started only 4 years ago but is extremely popular across the nation. Their flavors change weekly, keeping regular customers, like myself, always excited and eager to try the four new kinds. Now that your mouth’s salivating, let’s get into the review of this week’s glorious cookies.

Starting in 4th place is the Funfetti Milkshake. The stakes were high for this one, being it’s the cookie for Crumbl’s fourth birthday. Although this one was a beautiful vanilla cookie covered in soft, white frosting, and wrapped in colorful sprinkles, the flavor was lacking. There was no distinct flavor and without the look of a birthday cookie, this cookie is below average. Disappointed with what Crunbl brought to the table with their 4-year anniversary celebration cookie, we’ll move on to 3rd place.

In 3rd for this week’s ranking is Peanut Butter Brittle. This cookie was covered in delicious peanut butter brittle, under was a fluffy layer of peanut butter frosting, and then a delicious, moist peanut butter cookie. This is every peanut butter lover’s dream and every peanut allergen’s biggest nightmare. Even though each aspect of the cookie was delicious, it was an overwhelming amount of peanut butter flavor. There wasn’t enough balance for someone who only enjoys peanut butter an average amount. If you’re a die-hard peanut butter fan, this cookie is right up your alley… if not, the number 3 spot is a perfect place for it.

This week’s best flavor runner-up is Crumbl’s Brownie Batter. For anyone who has a love for chocolate, this cookie is for you. The balance between a crunchy cookie and gooey batter makes a perfect cookie. Although it’s a lot of chocolate flavor all at once, with a side of milk, this cookie is an amazing treat. There is a ton of flavor- strong and delicious flavor- that makes this cookie so good. Serving it warm is simply genius on Crumbl’s part. Overall, it’s a great cookie that anyone who has the smallest liking for chocolate will enjoy.

FINALLY… #1 of this week’s flavors. Crumb’s Original ft. Golden Oreo® Cookie Pieces deserve the number 1 ranking for a multitude of reasons. The Oreo is everyone’s favorite snack, between being a nostalgic treat or just a delicious cookie, every Oreo flavor is a hit. Crumbl integrated the golden Oreo into a perfect cookie- a great cookie on the base, topped with a fluffy-flavorful frosting, and golden Oreo cookie crumbs. You can’t go wrong with an Oreo and Crumbl’s take on this proved that true. Through the combination of great flavor as well as great presentation, this cookie was very deserving of the number 1 spot.

It would be wrong to not get everyone you know to pile into your car and take a trip to your closest Crumbl to try this week’s cookies. Every single one appeals to all flavor palates. With their flavors changing weekly, you can look forward to fresh new cookie kinds as well as fresh new reviews from the staff writers here!