Part 3: Starting a New Life

The Quyhn Nguyen Story


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

Making it in America is not easy, however, my family persevered and created a great life here. Despite the language barrier, and other big challenges, my mom and her siblings were all successful. Four out of the five kids attended the University of Colorado-Boulder and continued to make great strides in their new country.

My mom, Quynh Nguyen Forss, said, “My parents sacrificed so much in our search to find a better life. The risks they took have greatly benefitted their children and grandchildren.”

My mom and her siblings saw a lot when they were younger. My own mother left her homeland at a very young age and experienced a wild journey. From seeing her baby sister born in the middle of the ocean to teaching herself a new language, my mother is extremely tough. All of my family members who escaped from Vietnam showed fight and never gave up, all for a better life.

It’s hard to truly understand what they went through when I only grew up in Thornton, Colorado, and attend a prestigious high school. However, this doesn’t stop me from continuing the same drive and sharing their story. Not many people have a history like this which is why it’s so important for it to be known.

It’s important to recognize the path other families have taken in order to gain success. With so much constant hate in this world, sharing the hard work families have put in would be a good step to turning things around. I come from a heritage of survivors and it’s an honor for me to share their story with those in my community.