Review: Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’


Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

Drake’s new album ‘Certified Lover Boy’ came out two weeks ago and broke Apple Music and Spotify for the largest streaming debut within a single day.

The last time Drake dropped an album was back in 2018 with “Scorpion’ but even with Drake teasing his fans about this past album and hyping it up, it didn’t match the streaming performance of the Scorpion album.

Personally ‘Certified Lover Boy’ gives me mixed feelings. It’s not a bad album at all but it’s definitely not one of Drake’s best albums that he has recorded. The way I see it is with having 21 songs to listen to for over an hour you would want upbeat songs to listen to but on this album it seems like his songs are boring, lazy, and repetitive. Drake doesn’t sound bad singing songs but in this album he doesn’t take any risks vocally and doesn’t move out of his comfort zone to provide new music that he hasn’t done before, instead some of these songs sound like songs from his past albums. The message Drake focuses on in this album is the push and pull of the idea to committing to a lifelong relationships and in the first songs “Champagne Poetry” it sounds like Drake is open to the idea of marriage but when we get to the end of the album to the last song “The Remorse” he raps, Can’t picture bein’ a hubby, finger too stubby to fit a ring on” and then it sounds like he doesn’t want to be committed to being married but committed to being by himself.

This album isn’t all bad there is still some upbeat songs that are hits like “Way 2 Sexy (feat. Future & Young Thug)” and “Fair Trade (feat. Travis Scott).” These songs along with a couple others I see myself going back and listening to because they are upbeat songs that are enjoyable to listen. “Way 2 Sexy” does get repetitive with the lyrics but it’s such a fun songs to listen to and get into because the lyrics are catchy to where you don’t care that they keep on repeating because you want to keep singing them. The way I see it “Fair Trade” has to be one of the best songs on this album because the chorus is so good and catchy and the way Drake’s lyrics go with his part of the songs goes so well with Travis Scott’s verse and you can hear that they actually took time for this song. This album wasn’t bad to where it was the worst album of the year because it wasn’t, it still had a few other catchy songs along with these two that I see myself going back to listen to but I wouldn’t put this album as one of my top 3 favorite album that Drake has recorded.