The Big Homecoming Return


Megan Pierret, Staff Writer

Everybody, it’s time to get your dancing shoes on and grab some tickets because homecoming is just around the corner.

This past year, we were given the gracious opportunity to have in-person learning. But as great as that was, we had to miss out on the fun things that make up our unique high school experience.

We missed out on things like the homecoming dance, Sadie Hawkins and every fall sport — even including football.

This year though, it is looking certain that we are lucky enough to get all of those things back, and in return, students are going all out with excitement. 

The previous year’s prom had an awesome turn out even accounting for the fact that we still were dealing with the Covid precautions, yet, there were just a few things missing that made a difference in a lot of people’s minds.

Senior Natasha Eldridge states, “I really want there to be food and drinks. I hope that it is mostly normal because at prom last year we had to wear masks all night, but I am also curious to see how it will go having the entire school there.”

This year we are excited to announce that this will no longer be the case.

One of the senior student council members, Chinwe Onwere, states, “We’re expected to allow outside guests, people can bring their friends or dates from outside schools. We decided to go with a Midsummer Night’s Dream theme, so it will be kind of a floral theme.”

The dance this year is looking more positive as there are no mask mandates and we get back the opportunity to bring other people. Expectations for this dance are high, and it sounds that our expectations will be exceeded.

So everyone, put on your sport coat and your fancy dress and join the student body for a great homecoming this October 2nd at 7pm. Tickets are on sale for $20 up until the time of the dance.