Influencers are Human Beings Too


Taeshawn Means, Staff Writer

Influencers range from Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, etc. We are very fortunate to have a couple influencers here at Holy Family High School. Our own senior, Alexia Gregor speaks about her experience as an influencer on Tiktok.

Most influencers with a fanbase and or many followers tend to have a set posting schedule on when is a good time to release videos that will be seen. For many people, it’s not about the likes or views. It’s about confiding in an app like Tiktok where you can be yourself and post about pretty much anything and everything.

“I do not have a set posting schedule. I usually make videos and save them to my drafts and post them later on. I also post videos when I am feeling good about myself or really enjoy the video I made. I always make sure I am posting something I am proud of knowing I don’t care how many likes it gets” – Alexia Gregor

Gregor has close to 1000 followers in Tiktok and over 177,600 likes on her videos. But with every video, comes negativity.

“I have had negative comments before. I ended up taking the video down because I knew the people who left the comments personally. I knew if I didn’t take the video down, I would have responded and it would not have been good for them”.

People don’t see the life of an influencer outside of the videos. Behind the screen.

“I actually took a break from posting as much as I did. I used to post fairly regularly but I realized I was missing out on moments because of my phone. I stopped posting as much and started posting here and there for a while because I wanted to enjoy life and my┬ámemories when they are happening. Some things you just need to keep to yourself and not share with the world”.

Another one of our seniors, Allison Spadafora, also has quite a following on Tiktok. She has over 3,000 followers and over 79,300 likes on her videos! She talks about her experience on Tiktok:

“My life is a little different than it might seem on my account because I usually only post my happy moments. Outside of Tiktok, I’m just living life like everyone else”.

Viewers only see the person on the screen. They don’t see the person behind the videos. Influencers go through that same things just live everyone else. Influencers are human beings too.