Welcome Back, Sister Mary Rose!


Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

Sister Mary Rose used to be principal here at Holy Family from 1990-2008, and did a lot for this school in her years as principal. In 2008 she left her position because she was selected to a four year position by congregation in Chicago. After those four years she came back from Colorado and went back to the position as principal at St. Francis De Sales Catholic Stem School. She described her position at St. Francis: “It was really cool, it was great, it wasn’t what I was expecting it to be and it was a great 8-9 years.” Unfortunately, the Archdiocese closed the school down at the end of last year, and Sr. Mary Rose loved to teach math and lived North, so she wanted to see what Holy Family had to offer.

When Sister Mary Rose was principal at Holy Family our current assistant principal, Mr. Gabriel, was just getting started to work as a new teacher and administer. When Sr. Mary Rose was first starting as principal there wasn’t as many students, faculty, and staff so the school was run differently. One of the questions I asked Mr. Gabriel was: “How was it having Sr. Mary Rose as a principal?” He said, “It was good, Sister was very organized and Sister was very supportive of me as a new teacher and as a new administer when I came in.”

Over the years of teaching Sr. Mary Rose hasn’t seen much of a change in the generations she has taught because they all act the same in one way or another, but individually every student acts different because of the different personalities. She described the different generations acting the same by saying, “Young people are young people. I just love them. They run a spectrum of here to here and they’re the same it doesn’t matter over the ages, they may wear different clothing and have different music, but they’re the same.” Since Sr. Mary Rose was a principal most of her years she only got to teach one math class each year and she tried to teach all of them the same, but sometimes she would have to change her methods to fit the needs like the different technology that has occurred throughout her years of teaching.

Coming back to Holy Family, Sister Mary Rose has things in the school that are still the same like the essence, traditions, and alumni, but she has also seen changes in the school like the new wing, more students, the way the school is ran, etc. She described these changes as, “the addition of this is like dreams come true way beyond your dreams so it’s exciting, it’s fun.”