You Should Let Someone Know

Part 2 of Our Ongoing Mental Health Series

Reese James Peterson, Staff Writer

School Counselors - Holy Family High School

Mental health has gained attention, so what should you do if you’re dealing with a mental health problem?

Mental health has gained more publicity since the 2020/2021 Olympics, with Simone Biles having dropped out of the games. It is now important we address it amongst the student body.

So, it’s only fitting that we ask our counseling staff their opinions on certain things dealing with mental health in the student body.

Mr. Dan Hahn was nice enough to provide answers to some questions that those who may be struggling may have.

The biggest thing Mr. Hahn stressed was to “LET SOMEONE KNOW!!” if you feel as though you are struggling with a mental health issue. Preferably, someone in the counseling department should be the first to know. “The only way we can help is if we know there’s a problem,” says Mr. Hahn. So if you feel you are struggling with something, tell someone.

If you are feeling as if your struggling with a mental health problem but are struggling coming forward, here’s what should be done: “I would still urge them to try to think of someone they trust; a family member, a friend, a teacher, a coach, someone at their church, a counselor, or someone they work with. Usually they can think of at least one person that they would be comfortable talking to. If they still won’t talk to someone, there are a ton of mental health websites and other resources that they can access on the internet,” Mr. Hahn comments. 

What are some alternatives to going to the counseling office in search of help? Sometimes just talking about feelings you are experiencing can be helpful. There are a lot of people in this building that a student can talk to: teachers, coaches, administrators, friends, Father Joe, and others. Like I said earlier, if the person experiences feelings that are extreme or that begin to impede their daily functions,  they should seek help from a licensed professional.

I hope this article helps anyone who feels themselves to be struggling with a mental health issue. If there is one thing you should take away, it is this: you should let someone know.