To Dance or Not to Dance? That is the Question.


Chinwe Onwere, Staff Writer/Editor

Sweaty bodies crowded with each other, blaring music deafening your ears, your feet painfully aching as your heels dig into the dance floor, your throat scratching as you scream the lyrics to the words you don’t know. 

Ah yes – Homecoming has made its return to Holy Family for another time since the start of the pandemic. On October 2nd, the Holy Family gym will be transformed into a wonderland of a stringed lights and energized kids doing the dougie or whatever Tiktok dance is trending at the moment. Though the times and the themes have not been solidified yet, (don’t worry, student council is working on it), they will be revealed in the following weeks to come. Many have shown excitement for being able to go to football games and dances once again, being able to dance with friends or that special someone.

“I’m so excited because we didn’t to get to have last year. I really love the school dances, because I like getting dressed up and dancing my heart out with all my friends,” Mia Paulson, senior and cheerleader stated.

“I’m looking forward to going to my first big high school event and just have the chance to hang out with my friends,” student Matthew Nolan stated.

Others students elaborated on looking forward to being with their “hot dates”. One student stated, “I’m looking forward to having a ton of fun with friends. It has been almost two years since I have been to a dance, so I’m really looking forward to hanging out with friends and jumping around.”

While there have been concerns of crowding amidst a global pandemic, many students hope that homecoming can be completely normal, and also hope to bring outside guests. According to administration, outside guests will be allowed unless the health guidelines and COVID circumstances change closer to the date.

Nora Smith, senior and Latin extraordinaire, has remarked about her concerns with homecoming. “Since many have not experienced this, I am worried there will be more concussions than ever before. Many may recall, a few years ago, when glass was on the floor.”

Others have had worries about the music choice, as with previous homecomings the music hasn’t been exactly liked by students. Others have had some thoughts regarding whether there will be food or not, as well as asking someone to the dance.

Sometimes, one of the most nerve-wracking and stressful parts about going to a dance is the potential of asking-or being asked. According to a survey of around 60 Holy Family students, around 47.6% said they would not ask someone, 33.3% said maybe, and 19% said that they would ask someone. If you really want to go with someone, it will probably be in your favor to ask – and if they reject you… well, it isn’t the end of the world.

While there is still uncertainty about what is to come, students can look forward to dancing with their friends and having a wonderful time!