Double Trouble


Maggie Dooley, Staff Writer

After taking last year off to spend some time with her twins, Ryman and Linkoln, Taylor Spurgeon is finally back! Although she is only back part-time, teaching only two classes, everyone is so happy to see her!

The past year was a difficult adjustment for everyone, whether they were at school or not. Mrs. Spurgeon opted to take the year off, which she described as, “The hardest but most rewarding year.”

She struggled with figuring everything out as a new mom, and having two at once made it twice as hard! Despite many sleepless nights and dirty diapers, leaving Ryman and Link at home while she comes to teach is the hardest part of her day. “I’m very attached, so when I leave and they throw a fit because they know I’m leaving, I just want to cry with them.” Her attachment to the twins has made it difficult to return to school, but she’s glad she’s back at school.

“I love being back in the classroom, I missed teaching and my relationship with the kids.” Having a good relationship with your teachers is so important, and it even makes the class more entertaining. Mrs. Spurgeon embodies this ideal, always making jokes and talking with her students, plus she manages to make math class fun for everyone.

As Spurgeon returns to school part time, she gets the best of both worlds; she gets to spend time with Ryman and Link at home, while also getting to spend time her her “other kids” here at school. When asked asked if she plans on returning to return to teaching full-time she replied, “Probably not. We’re not done having kids yet so we’ll just have to see where it goes.”

Whether spending time at home with her twins, or time in the classroom with her students, Spurgeon is a great role model for kids. She makes learning fun and the two classes who have her are very lucky.