Return of the Student Section


Abby Edwards, Staff Writer/Editor

We all know how much Covid-19 has effected everyone throughout the world, and more specifically Holy Family High School. One very impactful and influential student tradition is attending sports games, and that was sadly taken away from us last year. But, this year SPORTS ARE BACK!

With the resurrection of sports and fan attendance, also means the rebirth of the Holy Family Student Section. For many underclassmen, they have never attended or been around the environment of the Holy Family Stadium’s roar. This year the student section will be louder, crazier and more spirited than ever.

One of the main components for the success of the student section this year will be one of it’s leaders, senior Jackson Ward. Jackson was given the role of student section leader from previous senior Bailey Jones, who willed it to him at the end of 2021. Jackson is looking forward to show the school and the rest of the student body about the hype and tradition that is made at all sports games.

Between dressing up to certain themes for the football and basketball games, and hopefully growing student crowds for other sports like soccer, softball, cross country, golf and others, he is looking to re-brand and rebuild the student body’s want to support all sports. “The full intent from the class of 2022, is that everyone gets to experience the student section as we did when we were underclassmen, but this year we’re going to all sports, not just football. We all need to show our school spirit for every sport, win or lose, we represent our school and our fellow students in all that we do.” said Ward, needing everyone to show their school spirit in more ways than just on Friday nights.

We all love going to the military night game, as well as homecoming, but all sports have great games to attend. So show out HF, go to all the games and follow @holyfamilystudentsection on Instagram for all game and theme updates.