Student Feature: The Tetenta Brothers


Zachary Heinis, Staff Writer

Everybody knows that starting High School without knowing anyone, or having other friends, can be hard.  For the Tetenta Brothers, they already have a best friend in each other.  No matter how many people they know at Holy Family, they will always have each other’s backs.

Born in Connecticut, Munachi and Dubemchi Tetenta had a very religious upbringing, and previously lived in Cheyenne.  However, when they found Holy Family High School, their family knew that they wanted to go to our amazing school.  Which is why last year, they moved from Cheyenne to Broomfield.

Sharing a love for soccer, the Tetenta brothers both tried out for the boys soccer team.  Fast forward to the first game, and these freshmen prodigies started on varsity defense.  After their first game resulting in a win, the defensive line looks promising, with the Brothers ushering in a new generation of soccer with their freshmen class.

Their father lived in Nigeria and was part of the Igbo culture for his childhood.  The Brothers’ names unite this culture and their love for the Lord.  In Igbo, Munachi means ” me and my God”, and Dubemchi means “guide me God”.

Dubemchi  said, “We were born in Connecticut, but we moved to Wyoming when our brother was born and lived there until we moved here.

Munachi said,  “Catholic schools have been important to us our entire lives, in fact, we’ve always gone to one.  Which is why we moved here two years ago, and attended Nativity in 7th grade.  The most important part of our Igbo heritage is the Catholic side of it, and we have always tried to live up to our names.”

When asked about soccer, Munachi said he, “Loves the responsibility of playing on varsity because it means the team trusts us”.  And Dubemchi said, “I didn’t know if I’d start the first game on Varsity, but I was glad when I did, because of how competitive soccer is at the Varsity level.”

No matter what happens throughout their lives, they will always have the bond of not only brothers, but of best friends.  Through hard and good times, they will each have someone they love and cherish to help them through it.  Good luck at Holy Family this year and keep rocking that defensive line!