Senior Summers

A look back at some of our seniors summers

Diego Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Brady Samaras

I went to Cancun, Mexico this summer with my family. I was able to see some amazing Mexican traditions with my family while I was there. I played a bunch of beach soccer games while I was there along with some volleyball and football. For the rest of the summer I was working doing landscaping with Jared at SJWard Landscapes. It was really incredible to see some of these projects come to life, my favorite projects we did were the ones that included water features.




Dominic Mazzulla

I got a really great opportunity this summer to tour two schools, Colorado School of Mines and Chadron State College in Nebraska. I got to catch passes at the Tight End possession for Mines, and tried out as a receiver for Chadron. I got to tour both schools, got to see the facilities and the campuses which was really exciting for me. I’d love to play for Mines because they’re a really good program and just a couple blocks down the road, but both schools seem like a really good fit for me because of how small they are, I feel I could fit in better there. Overall they were two fun experiences and it was cool to get a look into the next level of football for me.



Luke Busot

This summer for me was more laid back, I went to Vail to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and I went to California the week before school started for vacation. I spent a lot of time at the beach with my family and just did your typical vacation things. For most of the summer I spent my time working at a carwash where we work the cars in a line, meaning we clean the cars in and out, so I’d either be washing the cars, or drying them off.


Sinjin Vanderhart

Over the Summer I went to Wisconsin where my family bought a house on an island there. I went wake boarding, water skiing, and wake surfing. Wake boarding and water skiing is basically just when your either on a wake board, or water skis with a handle attached to a rope that is attached to a motor boat that pulls you along the lake. I had a really good time just having fun out on the water with my family. I also worked for my dad shipping and packaging chemicals.


Abby Edwards

Over the summer I went to Kansas City, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Chicago, and California all for softball. I was there doing tournaments, showcases, and Nationals. When I wasn’t somewhere around the country doing softball, I was working at Adventure Golf as a lead, which means I am in charge of other workers, just making sure there doing their jobs correctly, and making sure everything is running smoothly.