Teacher Feature – Mr. Palumbo


Maggie Dooley, Staff Writer

Holy Family’s huge success with in-person learning throughout all of last year has drawn a multitude of people to this school. And with that, the start of the year is filled with so many new faces (that we can actually see!) From freshmen to transfers to teachers, there are new people all around us! One of these new faces is Robert Palumbo.

Mr. Palumbo previously taught computer science at Frederick High School and is now our new AP Computer Science, Algebra II, and Engineering teacher. Although teaching algebra and engineering will be new to him, he looks forward to adapting and learning alongside his students. As well as guidance from an already extremely talented computer science program, led by Mrs. Acosta. 

“AP computer science, that’s me,” Palumbo remarks while talking about his new role. Along with his thirty plus years in the computer science industry his passion and love for the subject will make him a great addition to our incredible teaching staff.

Mr. Palumbo also shows his dedication and passion for teaching “I’m a resource for all my students and they can always come to me with whatever their problem is. I’ll help them in any way that I can.” He has already connected with and been a resource for many of his students here. “I’ve made some pretty cool acquaintances already with some of the students.” He mentions how engaged and welcoming everyone has been, and his excitement to continue to better know his students. 

Outside of Holy Family, Mr. Palumbo enjoys spending time with his family. Often, they take mountain trips, spend lots of time outside, and play hockey. He was a coach for his sons’ competitive hockey team. “My family was everything hockey.” 

From computer science to coaching hockey, Mr. Palumbo does it all. His vast experiences and enthusiasm for the upcoming years will make him an exceptional teacher for all of his students.