Teachers “Words of Wisdom” to the Class of 2021

Heed their Sage Advice

Brinley Erbsland, Staff Writer

Here is advice from some of the staff to the seniors.

Mr. Bernie DeSantis: Keep a record the stories and inside jokes that make up your life, especially the ones you think you’ll never forget.  Explain them like you would to a complete stranger.  Your future self will thank you.


Mrs. Lisa Cillessen: Freshman year of college can be really challenging, but my advice is really simple: Go to class, and go to Mass. Literally, show up in both those places and most everything else will fall in line. Netflix does not confer degrees nor salvation.  🙂


Mr. Seth Willden: Take risks.  Ask questions.  Demand answers.  Read.  Write.  Listen.  Speak.



Mrs. Brittany Storgaard: My advice for seniors usually goes something like this:Jeremiah 29:11-The next few years of your lives will bring some of the most exciting changes you’ll ever experience.  Enjoy every minute of it!  Dream big about your future and take each crazy turn as one more piece of the puzzle to finding out about God’s plan for your life.  That last part, God’s plan, is huge.  He has one for you.  He has a good one for you.  You might not see it clearly yet, but trust that he has placed you in this exact moment of history to do something for the world that only you can do.  Trust that plan, ask him to reveal pieces of it to you in his time, and put your faith in his goodness and deep love for you.  Especially in times when it feels the most dark and uncertain, let him be the flame that lights your way.  You have left a profound impact on our school community.  Know that we are praying for you and dreaming about your future with you.  You always have a family here to return home to whenever you need.  Now it’s time to build a new home for yourself in the world: go make it beautiful!

Mrs. Tammy Schneider: My best advice for the seniors is to not take yourself too seriously and to laugh everyday.  It is the best medicine for a reason 🙂


Mrs. Francine Saulino: You do you!!!



Mrs. Amy Frie: Words to live by: “If you’re thankful, show it. If you love someone, tell them. If you’re wrong, fess up. If you’re confused, ask questions. If you learn something, teach others. If you’re stuck, ask for help. If you made a mistake, apologize. If you trip, get back up. If someone needs help, help them. If you see wrong, take a stance.” And always remember you will have a home here at HF.


Mr. Dave Good: If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.



Cassandra Marck: Congratulations on graduating!  What a special class you have been.  You made it through your senior year in the middle of a pandemic and did it with flying colours.  Be proud of how much you were able to overcome, and know that you have the strength to overcome anything that is thrown at you.  You are going to be missed.


Mrs. Dana St. John: Here’s my advice to seniors of 2021– Everybody is going through something you have no clue about.  Try to give them the benefit of the doubt unless they have proven to you they don’t deserve it. It’s often not about what you think it’s about.


Jeff Gonsalves-McCabe: Be kind.  Be humble. Be kind. And remember, ““If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each person’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Dr. Seth Fabian: 1. Find something you enjoy doing so much you can handle frustration and boredom. 2. Invest the time to get really good at that something (it will get frustrating and boring at times). 3. Find a way to use that something to make other people’s lives better. Do this and you will have a life of meaning and true happiness will follow automatically.