Senior Wills 2021

Senior Wills 2021

Trevin Johnson, Staff Writer

It’s a tradition unlike any other, and no it’s not The Masters… it’s senior wills! The Class of 2021 left behind some good stuff, from jersey numbers to rear ends. Have a look:


Cecilia Aanerud

Pregame/practice food/boba and Pregame Bengay to Makenna Bertsch and Maggie Dooley.

Brennan Bennett

Baseball Jersey #5 – Jake Syverson

Jackson Bocis

The rainbow backpack- Morgan Salter

Best looking player on the football team- Michael Russo

Best Kisser- Jacob Barry

Kelly Bondurant

My empathic abilities and rage – Clare S

Walking coach out to her car after every practice –  The Cheer Team

James Carter (Maddie Rutherford)

Peace, love, and allodoxaphobia –  Erin White

My brother. He’s all yours now. –  Leah Fuller

Cassidy Chvatal

My number 6 jersey. Wear it well! –  Jordan Peterson

Softball music DJ. –  Abby Edwards

“Tigers… you know” post home game ritual. –  Ava Kuszak

Julia Contreras

Christian Bale , a glass of milk, maybe a million dollars , idk –  Jolie Dalton

Adeline Dalton

The Dalton’s legacy and our effortless athleticism and charm. – Jolie Dalton

Carly Eldredge

My Jersey #7 –  Essynce Contreras

The “Kick A-Star Jar” –   Ava Kuzak

Rachel Gallegos

PetGang, SOFE, and play warmups- keep it alive and add new peeps –   Michaela Wood

Power over the interpreters  –  Sara Chaman

The carpool and the Kelloggs –  Dominic Cincetti Gallegos

Celeste Garcia

#10 softball jersey – Sierra Nanez

Adam Granger

The SSA baton – Pierce Kunz

Gavin Guyot

My badonkadonk –  Ruth Havey

Benito Hernandez

Pre game prayer/chant – Jared Delgado

Linebacker tings – Brady Samaras

Daniella Hren

My basketball #21 –  Essynce

Being mom of the basketball team –  Makenna

Caitlin Johnnides

Leading warm-ups –  Nathan Wilden

My Car – Chris Johnnides

A driver’s license and leading prayer – Leah Fuller

Having the highest soprano voice – Ethan Ward

Show choir – Bella Marquez and Sessina Abraha

Trevin Johnson

Student Section Leader For Winter and Spring Sports – Jared Delgado

Pre Game Tradition – John Hulquest

My number 34 – Jer Bear (Jerry Rodriguez)

My Boyish Charm – Jacob Lawver

Bailey Jones

Jersey #12 for lax – Julia Hodell

Lax aux – Sidney Edmonds/Maggie Garrett

HFHS Student Section Insta – Jackson Ward

Willa Koster

I will to you no more teachers or friends getting us mixed up:) I also leave you KC and the responsibility to thank her for every “mouse” she catches while I’m gone. Lastly, I share will you all of our wonderful memories, inside jokes, and the feeling in your stomach when we laugh a little too hard a little too late at night… you are truly my best friend and better half. Love you, Josie! – Josie Koster

Gluten Free Snacks – Gianna Landretti

All the oranges Bridget peeled on set – Laura Baker

Grayce Magsamen

My killer music taste – Ben Magsamen

Guillermo Martinez

YugiOh Cards – James McCabe

My organs just in case and A pack of gum – Nico

My soul and a pack of gum – Raffa

The nice red chair in 103 (Cillessen’s Room) – Xavier

My spirit and humor also a pack of gum – Brennan

Rachel McGoff

I will the head trainer position and my parking spot – Sarah Anderson

Allyson Merrion

I’m willing the HF cheer team – Mia Paulson and Matilda Warner

I’m willing my hot wheels car – Luke Busot (so I’m still helping you drive my sister)

Jenna Pfenning

Infield 3…2…1…WOOSH!

Kelsey Petrick

I hereby leave Leah F, Madeline V, Matilda W, Mia P, Clare S and Brooke D the spontaneous adventures to Flagstaff after cheer practice

Carpool theme song ~ Marissa G

Madison Pulliam

Volleyball prayer – Madison Forss

Corey Schloffman

The Band Program – Johnny Morris and Charlie Culp

My self confidence – Megan

Oscar Sena

I will my lacrosse jersey #9 – Dalton Lane

Liam Slavin

I will the Extemp Program and my research binders – Andrew Descalzo

Megan Smolky

Student Council Instagram Account – Chinwe Onwere

Anthony Trinh

Student Section For Football (Go Ham PStiffy) – Patrick Staff

Lizzbeth Villalobos

All of the batons that I have – Skylar Hawk

The clothes that I leave behind – Kate Villalobos

Kody Ward

Carrying on the Ward last name at Holy Family – Loralee, Konnor, and Ethan

Brody Welch

The Football Jersey Number 57 – Chance Chvatal

Leader of throwing team – John Hulquest

Alyssa Wells

Track Baton, go break a school record with this – Evie Boyd

Track Jackets, the drippiest HF gear ever to be made, wear it with pride – Moriah Montoya

Tyler Whitlock

Softball jersey #3 – Tèa Whitlock

Ariana Wise

I’m willing baby broom, so that the swim team can continue to sweep all the competition. – Josephine Romano