My Senior Will

My Senior Will

Julia Contreras, Staff Writer

As I reminisce over senior year, I look back on the positive moments, and moments that I wish had never existed. They aren’t regrets, just simple eras of time in school where I wish people were less closed-minded.

My biggest wish is that everyone treats everyone equally. I want everyone to see what is going on in the world: the pain, the grief, and the suffering. Our generation has been through so much and I don’t think we have realized how much we have been through until now. Yes, we may make jokes about this, but in the end when we grow up and we have kids we’re going to tell them how crazy these years were for us, and we’re going to tell them what we faced and what we saw other people face as well. I want someone to take the role as a leader. 

No matter who it is, no matter if you’re shy, confident, or funny, I want you to realize and understand that everyone deserves to have their own happiness in their own rights. We have seen a lot of people’s lives being taken away over the past years, and we have seen a lot of people deal with racism and bullying. Why is this happening? Why take time out of your life and take time out of other people’s lives to be negative?

Why don’t we see leadership and empathy in people anymore? 

Are we too afraid of what our peers think? 

My only will is to see someone at school stand up for what is right and to not be afraid to use their voice and speak on behalf of others. My only will is for people to grow out of the stage of immaturity and to become a person who realizes that every life is worth something special. You never know what someone is going through at home, you never know what happens in somebody’s life. Therefore, you should always make sure that negativity isn’t spread around, especially in an environment like Holy Family and in an era where the world is going crazy.

We need to stop pitting us against each other, and work together to get through a world impacted by many things. 

It doesn’t matter your political beliefs, but what matters is what’s morally right. We need to stop putting politics into all arguments and occasions that come up and instead we need to start thinking of what us humans with our own hearts and thoughts would do. We don’t always have to fight, we don’t always have to disagree, we can find a way to work with one another. 

Other people struggles are not something to be made fun of. People who are in doubt, fear, pain, and much more, should not be put through anymore than they already are. In this school, kids should learn to be nice to one another, to not exclude others, and to be welcoming and accepting. We need more open minded people in general. I hope that I see this in the years to come after I leave. 

Instead of picking and choosing who to care for, why don’t we care for all? Why do we succumb to the ugly when we an use good energy on being positive and useful? It isn’t cool to be racist, to be vile, or to make fun of others for their skin, disability, beliefs, looks, etc.. If you make fun of someone for what they look like, then you’re the unsalted mayo that should add a little spice to your life. Reflect. Look back on historical figures or events that have gone through the same injustice or hate. Try to make the future new, and do not stick to old racist traditions and values.

An amazing example of selfless love comes from someone I look up to most. Princess Diana. She didn’t conform to the ordinary and old traditions that would’ve silenced her opinions. She spoke from the heart, her actions came from her heart, and she saw past mistakes and physical appearance and saw the true kindness of someone’s soul. She is an amazing example of pure and selfless love. She looked after people who weren’t her own blood, and she was extra-ordinary in a family that didn’t show emotion.

Though she was royalty, she didn’t care to be served like a Princess, she cherished life over materialistic things. She was not a follower, but a leader. She sacrificed her own life and image so the people were cared for, so voices were heard and not ignored. She is an amazing role model that a lot of people should look up to, or look in to what type of person she was.

That sparks the question: why can’t we be selfless? Why cant we stand up for what’s right even if we face harsh criticism?

I know when some people read this, they’ll think, “Why is this a big deal? Why is this her senior will?” Well, in my eyes, people deserve chances, and life is fun and full when you meet people or when you’re introduced to something out of your comfort zone. In my eyes, injustice and hate does not get you anywhere. Your privilege is not a talent, something to brag about, and something to get out of trouble. You must recognize all people are different, we may have not come from the same background, but that is no excuse to judge.

      In the Past:

I grew up middle class, I grew up having to worry about simple things or about my family. That did not prevent me from achieving my goals. I understand what it is like to struggle, to stress, to feel as if you’ll never escape situations life brings you, but guess what? I have. I have accomplished so much with the help of others, I have seen others in my position accomplish so much and I get inspired. I want other students here to know, that just because you aren’t rich, just because you are a person of color, or you face oppression, you can not let anyone bring you down. Look at where you are now, and see where it takes you. You can go so far even if you started from the bottom.

I would have never thought that I would go to a nice university, but here I am, a young girl with a single mother, going to a college with great education, with the help of everyone around me. I want these kids to understand that they are strong, we humans have the ability to do anything, we can achieve so much if we put our minds to it. Not everything is impossible; therefore, we can do our best and strive in the future.

If you feel you don’t belong here, that you have no purpose, it’s not true. Simple. You are your own enemy, all of your thoughts can harm you if you think negatively, but listen, almost every inspirational individual has been in your shoes before. Now look at where they are.  Never give up. It is easy to say, but seriously, if you look at it, life wouldn’t be fun if it was just simple.

Thank you.

Be unique, be kind, be respectful, and please reject hate and racism.