Popping the Bubble: My High School Experience

Popping the Bubble: My High School Experience
a picture from the movie Bubble Boy

As seniors a lot of us have reflected on our high school career, the good and bad times. Holy Family has been described as “in a bubble” and I can’t agree or disagree with that. High school in general is a rude awakening for most. Every high school (even our school) has the drama and multiple scandals. However there is a lot that the catholic faith tries to shield us from. In my opinion bubble boy couldn’t experience life until he was out of the bubble.


The best things of course were the outside school activities. The football games under the stadium lights and the cheering fans that barely pay attention. The basketball games were just as packed and just as loud. The dances were always fun despite the questionable music. Everyone always complains that they’re lame and boring but there’s still a crowd every year.

Let’s not forget sophomore year during mass the first Fr. Joe said “let Jesus touch all your junk” junk meaning our sins of course. Sophomore year we also had to pause every 5 seconds for the blaring construction. I’ll miss the good old days were every all school mass at least one person would pass out because we were all packed into one side of the bleachers. I’m still angry the class below didn’t have to pick up chairs as freshmen.

The past four years have been the shortest and longest as well as the best and worst years of my life. There’s a lot of things I don’t agree with the school and butted heads with some faculty but if were given the choice, I’d pick Holy Family again. The select people I’ve gotten to know has made all of it worth it.  There are good people here but this establishment is far from perfect. Growth can’t happen until we acknowledge the mistakes. We are a family and like every family ever, we are perfectly unperfect.