Vaccines – Let’s Get Back to Normal


Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

Could it be? A return to the real normal? With the rise in vaccines getting administered, it is starting to look like a COVID-free future is near! Teachers, and even students, here at Holy Family are getting their vaccinations, getting prepared and doing what they can to get back to normal as soon as possible.

The administration of the vaccine is widespread in Colorado, and are available for Coloradans 16 and older, making it available for most students at Holy Family. The state has a total of 1,355 vaccine providers, which has lead to 1,709,558 people that have received both doses and are fully immunized. One of these vaccinated Coloradans is Nick McCarthy, junior at Holy Family. He got his second vaccination on Monday, April 12, and thankfully had no symptoms after the shot.

There are also millions of people in Colorado, 2,517,655 today to be exact, on the road to full vaccinations, with the first dose out of the way. Josephine Romano, a junior here at Holy Family, has received her first dose of the vaccine. “I did not have any bad symptoms after that first shot. I did experience some soreness in my arm, but that only lasted about 24 hours. Both of my parents did experience flu-like symptoms (fever, exhaustion etc.) after their second shot, so I am expecting the side effects then rather than after my first shot,” Josephine commented.

Although the idea of symptoms is scary, ultimately for many the pros outweigh the cons. Josephine personally got the vaccine because: “I think that getting the vaccine will allow me to enjoy the comfort of my grandparents again. They are all fully vaccinated and just waiting for me to be.” She also works at a job that involves a lot of interaction with people, so being vaccinated makes her feel protected.

The city and county of Broomfield offered seniors at Prospect Ridge, Broomfield, Legacy, and Holy Family the opportunity to get the vaccine. Making it available to them would make it easier for the students to obtain it, getting a perfect send off for college.

Hopefully the continuing administration of the COVID-19 vaccine will lead to a mask-free, normal school year next year. After every new regulation, new announcement, new policy, and new everything this year has brought, it will be nice to go to school in a normal environment, and I hope that the vaccines will get us there!