What’s Going on Today: Hate Crimes and Violence

Hate Crimes against Asian Americans are rising, and more individuals are suffering. This is what people need to know.

Whats Going on Today: Hate Crimes and Violence

Julia Contreras, Staff Writer

A series of violent crimes against Asians and Asian Americans has been significant in today’s world. The racist rhetoric about the coronavirus pandemic may be a possible fuel to the fire as to why Asians are being targeted. No matter who: children, adults, or the elderly, Asians have been getting attacked, killed, and brutally beaten. No one knows whether or not all of the attacks are racially motivated, but help is urgent, as there is a high chance that all are. Even if they are not, the violence needs to stop.

Violence against Asians increased ever since COVID-19 began striking in March, as some politicians referred to this virus as the “China-Virus,” which is completely inaccurate. By doing so, and blaming China for a virus that had already been present, this has initiated hate crimes, violence, speech involving racism, and much more. Increased anxiety and fear has now been present in the Asian community. Living in fear of being beat and of their belongings being taken from them has led to depression amidst the pandemic.

It is deeply concerning that violence and hate crimes towards Asian Americans has been increasing by the day. On the news, a few individuals will share their stories, stating that they begged for help but people would just stare and watch or walk away. We need to speak against this discrimination and take charge, rejecting the violent speech and ignorance, saving innocent lives from being hurt.

Pictured: Vicha Ratanapakdee

On January 28, 84-year old Vicha Ratanapakdee was on a morning walk when surveillance caught a man rushing into him and forcefully knocking him into the ground. He went to the hospital, where he died two days later. His daughter Monthanus Ratanapakdee claimed, “He never wake up again.”  Not only was an innocent life taken away, but his family is left to mourn and feel traumatized about going out into the public, in fear the same may happen to them.

San Francisco police arrested suspect Antoine Watson, who was only 19 years old. He was charged with murder and elder abuse in Ratanapakdee’s death.

This is not the only incident where an elderly Asian American has been assaulted. This man’s death has sparked an outrage. After the video of him being brutally attacked went viral, people of the area have spoken out, including celebrities, starting the hashtag #JusticeForVicha. However, a hashtag is not enough.

A 64-year old Vietnamese grandmother  was assaulted and robbed in San Jose, California. As she got in her car, which was parked in a Vietnamese market, another car came and blocked her way. The suspects then got into her car, aggressively took her purse and ran. The poor woman had all of her belongings taken. Of course she was shaken up, and police are urging citizens of the bay area to stay careful on the streets due to the high number of robberies against Asian Americans happening right now. 

Pictured: Noel Quintana

Sixty-one year old Noel Quintana was slashed in the face with a box cutter on a New York City subway when he was on his way to the first of his two jobs Wednesday. His family has stated that the wounds were so deep that he was unable to speak. “I was scared because I thought I was gonna die and nobody helped me,” said Quintana according to ABC News. Quintana stated that the suspect was kicking his backpack, and when he asked for him to stop, the suspect immediately slashed the Filipino man’s face and charged off. 

He was left bleeding, stumbling off the train with no assistance, until he was able to dial 911 at a ticket booth.

In a nearby Chinatown neighborhood, police have stated that a man violently shoved a three person group on January 31. By doing so, a 91-year old man, 60-year old man, and 55-year old woman have all been injured. Twenty-eight year old Yahya Muslim, the attacker, had been charged. He was also put on psychiatric hold for a separate incident in which he was assaulting others.

Indeed, racism against Asians has been prominent throughout the years. However, due to the pandemic, and political figures stereotyping them, hate has been global. A great amount of Asian Americans have stated that they have experienced racism, slurs, attacks, and beatings since the pandemic began. The biggest fear is that they will be killed.

It does not matter what area you are in, Asian Americans are scared no matter where they go due to a unintelligent rhetoric and terrible racism that results into brutal manners.

Any individual with good morals would do would put an end to this. No matter what political party, this is wrong. The fact that some people just watched and did not help says even more about what is wrong with today’s world. Speaking about it is one thing, but taking action to put an end to it is another. Spread positivity and love, spread the word of ignorant individuals attacking innocents. Do not step down. As Americans, we should protect any American that faces trouble, should protect any race. People of different races should not live in fear of going out and being attacked or killed. This needs to be fixed.

Be a voice.