Sami Belcher for Miss HFHS


Brinley Erbsland, Staff Writer

Walking down the main hall, heading to classes, the pictures of past seniors line the walls. Their grins and squinty eyes signifying just how excited they were to finally be done. Senior year was a dream everyone had, the football games, the pranks and the prom dresses every girl dreamed of. Senior year was a privilege that many of us did not know we had until Sami Belcher joined the Holy Family Class of 2021.

She had a laugh just about anyone could recognize, mostly because that was just about what she was doing most of the time you saw her walking the halls or sitting at lunch. She had her table of friends, just like any senior, told stories, and got annoyed at teachers. She was like any other senior, except she had more hardships than many of us knew about. Mr. Yunt talks about Sami fondly, remembering the day she volunteered to be in the “hot seat”, allowing students to ask any question they wanted to about her. He talks about how she was brave, not holding back when discussing the details of her life that many kids sitting in that class, much less really anyone, could imagine. It wasn’t that I, or anyone, felt bad for Sami, it was that we were amazed by her. Her boisterous laugh was much more than her life’s many trials and tribulations. Sami was a light that Holy Family did not deserve, but absolutely needed.

Miss HFHS is reserved for that student, the one who passes by and you just know. They are going to make an impact, and odds are, they already have. Look to the pictures lining the wall and just about everyone can tell you about Makayla Salter, or Zoe Paulson. They make an impact that is just so important, virtually every student agrees with the voting. Mrs. Darschewski describes Miss HFHS as a student who exemplifies everything Holy Family embodies. The mind, body and spirit. 

Sami Belcher is that student. She represents not only everything Holy Family is, but everything Holy Family SHOULD be. Sami had the mind of Holy Family in the way that she showed up to every class, just as ready as she was for the last one. She welcomed everyone with open arms, even me when I was a new transfer student on crutches with virtually no friends. She still laughed and smiled the same as she did to anyone else. 

Sami exemplified the body of Holy Family not because she was a star, all American athlete, but because her body lived and breathed the grace of just being there for that day. She was just excited for everyday and her body, albeit small, was eager to take on every day of high school, because each day was a blessing. Sami was not one to groan about the annoyances of high school as many of us do, because high school was her dream. Just being there with everyone, especially coming into her senior year. 

The spirit of Holy Family is one that might leave many puzzled. Does this mean this person is a devout Catholic? Or that they led the pep rallies of past years? When truly thinking about the spirit of Holy Family, Sami aside, you want someone who you could count on to welcome a new student just as the same as they would their friends. 

Therefore, if Holy Family is going to pick a Miss HFHS, they have to consider Sami Belcher. COVID has taken a lot of things away from us, but it should not take away the memory of Sami and the impact she has made on the school.