Nossa Amiga a Mariposa

Elizabeth Cheadle, Staff Writer

I am sorry to report that our beloved moth, Gaston, has no longer decided to have Holy Family as his home.

Reports have come in seeing him leaving our school around New Years, possibly to go after his long lost lover Belle. No matter where Gaston chooses to live out the rest of his life, we wish him well and will always have a place for him here at Holy Family. 

With that said, a new moth has appeared within our school! Why did this moth choose for Holy Family too be its home? What makes us worthy?

In my opinion, our dear new moth friend is on a spiritual retreat, looking too make a better life for herself. She currently has chosen the wall outside the counselors office as her home, which is the perfect place too be for her quest. She comes to Holy Family all the way from Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and is ready to start the next chapter in her life. Our dear moth (whose name I believe to be Teresa), has chosen our wonderful school to be one of the stops during her journey.

Teresa first decided to leave Rio when a blue macaw named Blu invaded. Blu brought many birds back into Rio, and would fly around the city singing all the time. Teresa already didn’t have the best home life, and found this singing bird incredibly annoying, so decided to venture outside of her home.

 She first stopped in the Caribbean, for some much needed “me time”.

She spent her days lounging around the beaches and cabanas, avoiding all potential suitors that tried to get her attention. Everything was going well until her mother, Giovanna, caught up to her. Her mother yelled at her for leaving home, and demanded that she return home at once. Despite her mother always treating her poorly, Teresa still loved her, so she agreed to go back to Brazil. 

The next day, before her mother was awake, Teresa snuck out, and headed for Mexico, vowing to never see her mother again. Once reaching Mexico, she found a nice resort in Cancun to spend some time. It is here that she met a moth named Pedro. They instantly fell in love, and planned to spend every day for the rest of their lives together.

Teresa stayed in Mexico for two years, and was getting ready to start a family with Pedro. Everything seemed to be falling into place, when all of a sudden her mother found her. Giovanna threatened Teresa, saying that if she didn’t come home to her, she would follow her to the ends of the earth and make sure she never found a slice of happiness. Hearing this threat, Pedro jumped on Giovanna, defending his love. 

Quickly swords were drawn, and they were in a mighty duel that no one could stop. Pedro stabbed Giovanna in the wing, making her fall to the ground. Teresa cheered, and flew over to congratulate Pedro. All of a sudden Giovanna pulled out a 10mm handgun, and killed Pedro. Teresa, despite her heart being crushed, fled.

And this is how our dear Teresa made her way to America, and eventually to Holy Family. She had heard through Mothigram that Holy Family is welcome to moths, and decided it would be a nice place to settle down and mend her broken heart. She flew to the school and immediately fell in love with the students, but more importantly the staff. Teresa took a liking to the counselors, and reached out to them to help her work out her mommy issues.

Overall, we are all very happy Teresa has decided to live out the rest of her days here at Holy Family. I sincerely hope that our walls will protect Teresa from her psychotic mother, and that she is able to live out the rest of her days in peace.