Packers Score on Fourth Down to Beat Bucs


DISCLAIMER: This is satire and not factual! The quotes are also fake!

In an exciting end to a tight game on Sunday, Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers heroically ran the ball in on a fourth down play to win over the Buccaneers. After three failed attempts to finish the drive to win the game, Rodgers ran the ball and front-flipped into the end zone for a clutch touchdown with two minutes left. The play brought the score to up to 29-31.

Vikings rookie D.J. Wonnum prevents potential Aaron Rodgers magic
Aaron Rodgers… doing a “flip”

After the game-saving play, a two point conversion was easily achieved to bring the score to 31-31. With two minutes left, the Buccaneers had no chance to change the tied score. Packers fan Jon Yunt had this to say about the victory: “I was really excited to see the last-minute victory, especially with the front flip from Aaron Rodgers, Brady could never pull something like that.”

The Packers had momentum, and handily marched down the field. To wrap up the game in an overtime victory, Rodgers threw an absolute bomb to Davante Adams to bring the final score to 37-31. With momentum on their side, the Packers hope to bring the heat to the Chiefs on Sunday.

Additionally, the 73 year old QB Aaron Rodgers announced that he will continue to play well into his 80’s. With the outstanding performance last Sunday, Rodgers is filled with hope to keep playing, and retirement is not crossing the young QB’s mind.