Population Boom at Holy Family

School adds 18 transfer students after holiday break


Ansley Schnelle, Contributor

COVID has changed many things about coming to school everyday. While adjusting to this new normal, it is important to recognize that even a pandemic can have a silver lining. COVID has given everyone something to complain about – but it has also brought new faces into the Holy Family community, reminding many that in-person learning is nothing to be taken for granted. 

Due to recent events, Holy Family has experienced interest like never before. “We’ve had about 20 transfers start here at the beginning of the second semester. At the beginning of the school year, we had 15,” explains Tammy Sloan, one of the head of admissions here at Holy Family. “We usually only see about 8-10 students in the first semester, and 2-3 students in the second semester.”

Mrs. Tammy Sloan and Mrs. Kat Greany both agree that the sudden surge of interest is no doubt due to the in-person option. “Students are thirsty to be able to have that community, to be in classrooms, and have a normal high school experience,” says Greany. 

This explains why the admissions office has been busier than ever before, as they have given an estimated 100 tours to interested students and families. 

Sophomore Anya Moser, a soccer player from Fairview,  transferred at the start of second semester. Although her decision was influenced by the in-person option, she is becoming to love the school for other aspects as well.

“I think that I always wanted to come to Holy Family more because I was coming from a bigger school, so I think that COVID pushed my decision along because I really wanted to be in-person.” Anya also mentions why learning in-person is so important to her, saying, “I wanted to connect more with my peers and teachers. With online learning, you would have to learn pretty much all on your own and figure stuff out.” 

When being asked if she regretted her decision, Anya makes it clear that even when Fairview does go back in session, she is here to stay. “I’m really happy here. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, and I’m so glad I switched.” 

Sophomore Rocco Vendena became part of Holy Family for similar reasons. He is a basketball player who transferred from Mullen at the start of the school year, and admits that the pandemic was a big factor in his decision. “I was influenced because Holy Family actually had real school instead of online.” 

Over time, Rocco realized that this was a good choice for more reasons than one.  “I think I made the right decision. The teaching is better at Holy Family, I have more friends here from middle school, and everyone is a lot nicer.”

The increase in transfers have been benefitting the school in more ways than just numbers. 

“We have an opportunity to show kids who might not have thought about Holy Family before what wonderful a community we really have,” says Mrs. Sloan. In-person learning has given more students a reason to consider Holy Family than ever before. 

“This is an opportunity for Holy Family to have a more diverse community too,” says Mrs. Greany. “It is bringing students together that normally wouldn’t have met.” People are coming from all over with one common purpose: to learn and thrive in such a positive environment. 

Students with various backgrounds coming to see Holy Family can certainly be counted as a blessing with everything going on. 

Mrs. Greany recalls, “I had a parent tell me how Holy Family has been a gift. A gift out of the darkness of remote learning, and that just kind of stuck with me.” It has been a year like no other, but Holy Family has been lucky enough to remain open for its returning students, and to be able to welcome the new ones along the way.