I Survived COVID


Mia Paulson, Writer/Editor

I almost made it. All year, not sick. All year, got to go to school. Then, just as 2020 was about to end, I got COVID. End the year with a bang, right?

My dad tested positive on December 6th. We quarantined as a family, hoping the cases would power through all of us fast so that we could get it over with. I then tested positive on December 11th. 

Let’s talk about the test. Honestly, the test was a runner for the worst of it. I think it is funny when people talk about how it is not that bad, and that it feels like they’re just “tickling your brain”, but let’s be honest… that does not sound any better. It was a super weird feeling (almost like… tickling your brain) but it took barely any time, with the test taking around 30 seconds and around two minutes recovery time.

The main days for symptoms felt like a rough cold, maybe even the flu. I never got a fever and never really coughed, it was more like congestion and being extra tired. Walking up the stairs even took the breath out of me. So, naturally, I stayed on the couch and took a lot of naps. Thankfully, these symptoms lasted only about three days.

The real bummer – my lack of smell and taste. I have to say, this was extremely unsettling. I would take a bite of some food, and just have absolutely zero reaction to it. Super odd. I would have a piece of chocolate, because I was craving some sweetness, but then it would all be for nothing. Imagining the taste did not actually do anything either – it was just a pit of tastelessness. I started to try things that I did not like, just to see what would happen. So, instead of my some coffee with my cream, I had a few cups of bitter straight black coffee. Nothing. No taste. I just drank it all. 

To this day, my taste and smell are making a slow recovery. I have what I like to call a “ghost of taste”. With some foods I can definitely taste deliciousness, but others it is still super faint. Even spicy foods are not even as strong as before COVID, but I have confidence it will come back, even if it is slowly. I have also started to notice things have smells! Even the smell of soap has caught me off guard a few times for a week now.

Overall, my recovery was super fast, and I am thankful. With my taste and smell slowly and steadily making a return, I have nothing to complain about. I am super excited to have COVID behind me, where I can start the New Year COVID free!

DISCLAIMER: I know this disease has had very drastic affects on many people, and it is a very serious disease. I understand that the affects are not always simply just not being able to taste. I just wanted to share my story.