Overplayed or Not Played Enough?


Elizabeth Cheadle, Staff writer

Every year when the holidays roll around, a debate comes to life about the importance of Christmas music: is it over played? Not played enough?

Personally, I cannot get enough Christmas music in my life. I always love when KOSI 101.1 makes their entire station play Christmas music so I can jam out in my car on the way to school. However, I do understand how people can get sick of the same songs being played over and over again.

One Holy Family Senior, Sean Markham, clearly states, “Christmas music is definitely overplayed…mostly because it’s overplayed.” Sean speaks for many when he expresses this. I know that people go out of their way to try and avoid listening to Christmas music, though that’s a hard task with it being played in every public place for 2 months.

Another Holy Family Senior, Kiara Kingsley, answers that Christmas music is “not played enough!” Christmas music brings this wonderful feeling of holiday cheer to your life-who wouldn’t want that? Listening to the familiar sounds of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” and classics like “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” bring out the fun of the holiday season, and push you to fully embrace Christmas.

While Christmas music is definitely a huge part of the Christmas season, sometimes the music that is played doesn’t bring out the true meaning of Christmas. Holy Family Sophomore, Katie Larson, explains, ” I think we play the wrong kinds of Christmas music too much. More classic stuff should be played more often.” Katie expresses how even though Christmas music that has a more modern-pop feel to it has taken over the idea of “Christmas music,” leaving the quintessential styles in the dust.

Music that is about bringing family and friends together, and building snowmen and gingerbread houses, truly brings the holiday season to life. Without Christmas music, the holiday season wouldn’t be nearly as jolly, and it wouldn’t stick around in your head for nearly as long.