What in the World?

A look at some of the greatest mysteries

To what happens outside our planet, to the abnormal size of a whale group, here are five mysteries that haven’t been solved by scientists.

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1. Dark Matter

This odd kind of matter is possibly the reason why galaxies are formed and made.

Astronomers know that our matter, “normal matter,” couldn’t be responsible for the production of galaxies, since our matter isn’t powerful enough for the making of the Universe’s galaxies.

Only 5% of our matter is in the universe, while 27% belong to dark matter.

Also, it is invisible, unable to emit or reflect light.  So how do we know it exists?  Since it doesn’t reflect light, astronomers can find places in the Universe that doesn’t allow light, so? So we know something is out there, with great amount of gravity keeping the galaxies together.  Plus, it has a great amount of mass, stronger than normal matter, a way for astronomers to locate where it can be.  Still, we don’t know much about it.

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2. The Reason We Sleep

It may sound dumb, but it’s true.

We are still unsure of why we sleep.  Sure, we know what happens in our bodies when we sleep, but the reason itself is unclear.

Our immune system gets stronger, which is why you need to rest a lot when sick.

In the first three stages of sleeping, called non-REM sleep, our body slows down.  Lungs breathe more smoothly, heart rate slows down, and the brain slows down too.

But in the last two stages, REM sleep stage begins. The brain’s activity rises, the heart starts accelerating more, and this is where dreams appear, but muscle paralyzes so we don’t act out in our dream.Although we know what happens when we sleep, the soul purpose and reason is still unclear.  Even something that is very simple in our lives, still need solving.

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3. The Real Cause of the sinking of the Titanic

“It hit an iceberg.”

Common belief.

But there have been cases that the Titanic was sunk in another way.  There have been cases that passengers said about hearing an explosion, nothing about an iceberg.  Based on the website, independent.co.uk.

“Experts subsequently confirmed the marks were likely to have been caused by a fire started in a three-story high fuel store behind one of the ship’s boiler rooms.”

Other situations include being attacked by an enemy submarine.  But this is the least likely, since it was late at night, making it impossible to aim at a fast-moving boat.  And this occurred during a peaceful year, so there wouldn’t be a reason for attacking the U.S.  But for whatever reason, it may be best to leave this secret a mystery.

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4. The odd Lighting Balls

In rare situations, during a lightning storm, you may encounter a odd floating ball made of, electricity?

For reasons we are not 100% sure about, a sphere of lighting floats around that can last a second, to even a minute. And this isn’t something that humans have just recently encountered.

The very first recorded “balls of lighting” was in 1638, in an English church that through it which entered through a window, which was nicknamed, “The Ball Of Fire”.

In July 2012, in China during a lighting storm recording, they have discovered it being made of silicon, calcium, and iron.

One possible reason that makes these balls are may be that they have the same ingredients found in soil.  When lightning strikes the ground, it vaporizes dirt.  The heat of the strike makes oxygen be separated by the silicon, which forms a staple cloud as more oxygen gets into it.  Or it’s just a straight-up hallucination from the lighting itself, which is not a very supported theory.  Who knows?

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5. The “Super Group” of Humpback Whales

Humpback whales migrate from time to time in small groups or even solo, but in 150 per group.

That right, these huge creatures all of a sudden go into huge groups called pods.  This phenomenon was first spotted in 2017, on the southwest coast of South Africa, where groups of 20, to 200 humpback whales were spotted.

What makes it even more strange is the location.  Based on Candice Gaukel Andrews’, “Humpback Whales Are Gathering in Huge Number. Why?”, who published an article in Good Nature Travels says, “Not only are the large super groups perplexing, but the timing and location of them is baffling, since humpbacks usually only visit South Africa waters during the winter months, migrating there to feed on plankton, shrimp and small fish. By gathering near South Africa in the summer, the humpbacks are choosing to congregate thousands of miles away from their usual feeding grounds in the southern polar region.”

One other idea is oceans changing, because of humans, forcing them to go takes other routes for food.  But for now, this still goes unsolved.