A Very COVID Thanksgiving

Turkey, gravy and a side of coronavirus

A Very COVID Thanksgiving

Ally Merrion, Staff Writer/Editor

Thanksgiving has always been a family favorite, I mean who doesn’t love pumpkin pie, turkey, and mashed potatoes? Unfortunately this year is going to be different.

With the ever present effects of coronavirus, Thanksgiving has new restrictions. Gatherings are still permitted, however there are many new rules to follow.

Hosts of the gathering are encouraged to keep people outside as much as possible, but if celebrating outside isn’t permitted by weather or other factors, hosts are encouraged to have fewer guests and keep people spread out in a well ventilated area. While this may be difficult to pull off, it’s certainly not impossible. Gatherings are recommended to be fewer than 2 hours long and involve a maximum of three households.

Guests at gatherings are encouraged to maintain social distancing and safety guidelines. This includes wearing a mask when not eating or drinking. That seems difficult, considering Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around food. Guests are also encouraged not to use the restroom during times when other people might need to – after dinner, before leaving, or at arrival.

As far as food goes, this year might be a bit disappointing. Hosts are encouraged to limit the number of cooks as much as possible, so much so that one person may be responsible for making all the food. Hosts are urged to have one person serve all the food, or to pre-plate meals for each person. If none of those options work for the host, guests are encouraged to bring their own food and drink.

Okay so all that seems like a lot to deal with, Thanksgiving is already stressful enough without having to worry about a pandemic. With the ever increasing number of cases, it’s important to stay safe. However, as important as safety is, community and family are important too. If it’s possible to celebrate Thanksgiving safely and enjoyably, we definitely should!

I know my family will have our traditional Thanksgiving festivities. Every year, my family gets together and eats tons of food before traveling to the mountains with my grandparents to stay at their cabin. Although this year is all kinds of crazy, we plan to continue this tradition, however, our gathering may have to be modified a bit. Usually we have around 40 people over to celebrate, this year there will be about 12 of us. Our trip to the mountains will remain mostly the same because my family is fortunate enough to have been in close contact with my grandparents throughout the pandemic.

It’s been a weird year full of changes and disappointment, but as difficult as it is, we need to remain hopeful and spend as much safe time as possible with our loved ones. What better way is there than over a little pumpkin pie?