Our Friend the Moth

And How He is Stuck to the Wall

Elizabeth Cheadle, Writer

Did you guys know there is a moth in the hall between the aux gym and the main gym? How did he get there? Ever since the beginning of the year a moth has stayed with us in the halls of Holy Family. Why did the moth choose Holy Family to be his/hers forever home? What deemed us worthy? 

In my opinion, I believe the moth’s name is Gaston. He was born and raised in France and spent his whole life trying to please a girl he liked. He would bring her food, spend time with her, and even try and impress her by flying into lights, but nothing seemed to be good enough. After being rejected for the 10th time, he decided enough was enough. Gaston decided to leave his home, and leave the girl who broke his heart. He traveled to Spain, England, and Italy, seeing everything that there is to see. Gaston then met a moth named Belle, and they quickly fell in love. They traveled together, and eventually made it to the United States. 

Gaston and Belle fell in love with the states, and more specifically the state of Colorado. They decided it was time to settle down, so they began to search for their forever home. They searched and searched, but nowhere seemed to be good enough, until they found Holy Family High School. Gaston immediately fell in love with the building and the people in it. He loved watching the students run through the halls and loved to hear the excitement. Gaston and Belle got settled and made plans to start a family.

Everything seemed to be falling into place…until they met the Beast. Belle started spending a lot of time with the Beast, and less time with Gaston. Eventually Gaston confronted Belle, and found out the truth. Belle was in love with the Beast, and they had a child together. Belle and the Beast left their home at Holy Family, leaving Gaston all alone. From that day forward, Gaston stood his ground and swore to never leave Holy Family again.

I asked around Holy Family too see how people think the moth came too be. Our dear coach Rossi shared, “Poor George (the moth), was in love with Loretta, and she fell off the wall, and so hes dedicating his life that that’s where she died, and hes going to stay there forever.” This touching story explains how the moth, George, lost the love of his life, and will never leave the spot where he last saw dear Loretta.    

A Holy Family senior, Kelsey Petrick, took a less heartbreaking approach by explaining, “He’s a millennial doing a think piece.” Kelsey believes that the moth is observing us, watching our everyday life, and being grateful that he’s a moth and doesn’t have to deal with our problems.

Another Holy Family senior, Kelly Bondurant, pridefully states, “I think he likes watching basketball so he came to the best school ever to watch it.”

Wherever the moth may have come from, he is now an essential part of our community. When I think back to my favorite memory of my senior year, it will 100 percent be seeing Gaston in the hall.