Among Us: Imposter or Crewmate?

Don’t Let your Teachers Catch You Playing in Class


Julia Contreras, Writer

There has been a certain video game that has reached the attention of many viewers, not only are these viewers popular gamers, but they are large groups of people who gather around to play Among Us. Among Us, released in 2018, is a popular online multiplayer video game that has resurfaced this year. The game takes place in an outer-space themed setting, where players can take on two roles. The first role is a crewmate, where you have to do tasks and make sure you complete them in order to succeed and survive. The goal of being a crewmate is to eliminate the imposter, so they don’t prevent you from winning or completing your tasks.

The second role is the imposter, and as an imposter, you must secretly kill people and fake tasks in order to overthrow the crewmates. Being the imposter is extremely fun you have to be careful and wise in your actions, because anyone could be watching and can easily report you. It is unknown whether you or your friends are the imposter, so don’t give it out and make it obvious. In gaming terms, people may call you “sus” if you seem out of place or if you appear to fake tasks. If one does appear to be suspicious or someone tends to follow you, you can call an emergency meeting and explain in the chat. The chat is where all players who are alive or not, can decide who is the imposter and give out evidence and explanations. In the chat, you turn into a detective, deciphering whether so and so killed a crewmate, and how they escaped the room. Some imposters can leave the room by “venting.” Venting helps the imposter leave the crime scene without anyone noticing, unless you’re bad at quickly escaping. Not only can you quickly leave, but it’s better than leaving a room with a deceased body. While crewmates are working on the spaceship, imposter’s can sabotage the ship by messing with the lights, the oxygen, the reactors, etc.. By doing so, this leaves bait for the imposter’s to sneak up and strike a double kill. 


Even when you die, ghosts can still finish their tasks or  sabotage, depending on who they were, in the afterlife. If you finish all your tasks, you may be able to win the game. 

One of the most dangerous rooms in this game is “Electrical.” Electrical is a huge room full of wires and tasks to do. In the corner of the room, there is a vent for imposters to surprise, attack and leave the scene quickly. Not only can they do that, but Electrical is almost where everyone dies if they enter alone. This is why it is smart to do tasks with someone when heading to the room. 


From experience, I have played with McKenna Spinuzzi who goes by “Master” in the game. My username you may ask? It’s Kitten. Whenever I play with Spinnuzi, or “Master,” we tend to follow each other and do tasks. If one of us is the imposter, or very rarely, if both of us are the imposter it’s even better. One of the number one rules when you’re imposter is to never snitch or make it seem as if your partner is suspicious, even if you know that they are bad. Snitches get stitches, remember that. Even though teaming up is bad, it could be fun in some scenarios. For example, if you don’t like a specific character and if they are being rude to you in the chat, your team can vote them off so they can no longer bother you.


Everyone’s first gameplay of Among Us may come across as difficult. However it only takes one or two more games for you to become a professional at it. Remember, become a great liar in this game, no matter if you’re a crewmate or an imposter. Every room you enter and every task you do, you must keep that ingrained in your memory. Because once someone interrogates you and questions your whereabouts, you must have all knowledge about what you have done, otherwise you may come off as suspicious. 

It is understandable that remembering your tasks may be hard for imposters, that’s why I am telling you to remember them when you’re a crewmate. Therefore, you can fake tasks like a pro, making it seem believable and fooling the crewmates. Including detail about everything truly helps your case when playing this game, it’s a brilliant strategy.

Another rule for game play, do not point fingers right off the bat. When players point fingers at anyone, not only is it annoying, but it is highly skeptical that they are correct, making it seem as if they are trying to get something off their back. Senior Jackson Bocis has had some fond memories of being ejected from the game when he pointed fingers at players. Not only was he an imposter, but he was terrible at being an imposter. Jackson made it too obvious that he was trying to make other people seem mischievous, that people began to grow suspicion that it was him. Therefore, he w

as voted out.  “It promoted false accusations that required no evidence,” Jackson said. “Delete among us if you still have it, shame anyone who plays it, sign a petition to ban it. If you play it, never talk to me again!” he stated angrily. Although he may be over-exaggerating, his experience with being imposter has been quite eventful.  

When asking Trevin Johnson what he thought about Among Us he said “Jackson is great at football”. I have no idea what that has to do with Among Us but good for Jackson.

Trevin also stated that “Among Us is a very simple game, a very fun and simple game. It gets me going, it gets me feeling naughty.” Well who would disagree with that statement?

The whole tactic and basis of this game is to make you feel like you’re on a mission to embark with a strong mindset and make ends meet when coming across imposters. Even as an imposter, you may question yourself, are you eligible enough? Do you meet the standards of being a so-called, “Bad guy?” 

Some people may not understand the hype of this game, however, once you play it, you will understand. It becomes an addiction, a necessity to win and overthrow the crewmates and imposters. This game will become a habit,  a hobby, maybe a day-dream. It’s only up to you to decide whether you are the skillful master that you think you are.