Is Halloween Cancelled?

Just like everything else during a pandemic, Halloween will look a little different

Is Halloween Cancelled?

Rachel "ChaCha" McGoff, Writer

This year Halloween is on a Saturday night with a full moon during a pandemic.

So what is Halloween going to look like? Will trick-or-treating be allowed? Are parties? What about haunted houses – will they even be open?

As of right now, the answer to the last question is yes… mostly. Each haunted house has their own guidelines to keep everyone safe and they all have similar rules – such as face masks are required, actors are not allowed to touch, sanitation stations, and temperature checks for the staff.  Haunted houses are a great safe idea for this year’s Halloween.

Trick-or-treating has been banned in California, but there is no news so far for Colorado. If trick-or-treating is allowed there are some safety precautions you should take. If you are passing out candy you should wear a mask and gloves. Trick-or-treaters should not be allowed to grab the candy themselves to limit spread of germs. It’s suggested to make individual baggies of candy to pass out to kids. If you are the trick-or-treater, a mask should be worn and follow normal social distancing.

Parties should also follow COVID-19 precautions.

The most traditional part of Halloween is dressing up. Since masks are a safety precaution, it should be worn with your costume. Websites that sell masks have started making Halloween themed masks to complete your costume. Remember that in times like this, it’s an opportunity to be creative!