The Hype is REAL - Buc-ees in Colorado Now Open!

The Hype is REAL – Buc-ee’s in Colorado Now Open!

I had the most beautiful, eye opening experience one could ever have up in Johnstown on Monday. I, along with three of my teammates, made it to Buc-ee’s on opening day!

This is the hype: Buc-ee’s is a chain convenience store with Texas roots that was started in 1982. They pride themselves on their exceptionally clean restrooms and fresh brisket. The convenience store holds two world records, including the World’s Largest Convenience Store (with the Seiverville location being the largest), and the World’s Longest Carwash.

If you don’t want to go to a Buc-ee’s after reading that, then there’s something wrong. Personally, I had been counting down the days until it opened, so going there on opening day and seeing that fluffy mascot was truly amazing.

After a long day of throwing at the Murray Kula Invitational up at Windsor High School, myself, Hank, Kmac and Addie got on I-25 and headed straight for Buc-ee’s. We planned this out the night before to stop on the way home, but we didn’t know what we were in for. The exit ramp was backed up and there was traffic for a mile leading up to the exit. It took us 10 minutes to even get off the exit ramp and enter the parking lot. And then it took us 20 minutes to find a parking spot! We ended up finding a spot right in front and I took it as a sign from God that we were meant to be there.

Walking into the beautiful Buc-ee’s was actually crazy. It felt like a fever dream. There were probably 200 people in there (it’s ONLY 74,000 square feet) and like 50 workers. There was a whole section of just Buc-ee’s bathing suits, there was Buc-ee’s onesies, Buc-ee’s beach towels, a whole wall of Buc-ee’s beef jerky, Buc-ee’s Stanley cups, one of a kind Buc-ee’s homemade fudge with like 30 different flavors, and I’m pretty sure Buc-ee’s home decor. To say the least, there was everything and anything Buc-ee’s that you could ever imagine. And not to mention, 116 gas pumps!

The line for the brisket was probably even crazier than the Buc-ee’s bikini. They are known for their fresh cut brisket. The “pit masters” do a chant every time this brisket falls off the bone.

My Buc-ee’s haul consisted of a chicken sandwich, cookie dough bites, a Dr Pepper, peanut butter chocolate fudge and a sticker (all for $14!) And to say it was the best chicken sandwich I have ever tasted. The cookie dough bites could have been better, but still would purchase again, the Dr Pepper was crisp and tasted beautiful, and the fudge was amazing. And I smacked the sticker right on my water bottle as soon as I got into the car.¬†One thing I wish I would have purchased was the beaver nuggets. Apparently those nuggets are the next best thing. It just gives me an excuse to go back!

I would rate my Buc-ee’s experience an 11/10! If you have the extra time, I highly recommend checking it out! It is worth the drive, waiting 20 minute to find a parking spot, the large crowds and all the craze.

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