Fat Man Review: The Doctor has come to Texas

Fat Man Review: The Doctor has come to Texas

Hello and welcome back to another Fat Man Review this week we will be going over an item you cannot find in Colorado. So you can say Fat Man Review is going exotic and finding food items from faraway lands.

I’m like the new Guy Fieri, exploring far-off lands and looking for the next crazy food.  And the place I had to go to in order to find this was crazy.

The cities were long and sprawling, seemingly never-ending. Their markets are massive, and all centered around firearms and this beaver creation called Buccee. I am of course talking about the great state of Texas.

And the item is a limited-time drink of pure gold beauty, from a Texas staple, Whataburger. That item is the limited-time Dr. Pepper Milkshake.

And I know what you might be thinking “A soda milkshake, ewww that’s gotta taste terrible”. And to that I say shut up and drive down to the nearest Whataburger and try it.

All my life I have loved Dr Pepper and as you could probably tell I have also loved milkshakes. But usually in my opinion at least the two dont go well together. Take Coke slushies for example, yea they dont taste bad but you can have better flavor combinations with the cherry and blue rasberry so I have never really been all that interested.

This Changed while I was in Dallas for a tournament this past weekend, and as you may know Whattaburger is no longer in Colorado so there is no way we could get advertisements for their promos. But after my first game we stop by Whattaburger for lunch and bam what do I see right when I look at the menu.

A shake so odd I had to have it, the perfect combination of some of my favorite things. But I had doubts for  reasons stated prior, that is until I took my first sip of this nectar of God.

Granted it was a bit frozen so hard to get alot of at once in the beginning but that only made it so one could enjoy it longer.

It was perfect and when I say perfect I mean perfect, the shake tasted amazing.

It first hit you with the blast of vanilla/chocolate combo but then you get to the Dr Pepper, which if you aren’t a usual Dr Pepper fan (You’re dumb) and its called Dr Pepper because it usually has a kick to it that adds to the flavor, but with the shake the vanilla/chocolate flavor hitting first by the time you get to the Dr P it is the perfect taste.

I could not recommend this drink enough. I think this is a shake that rivals even the king strawberry, and is a thing that if you are ever by a Whattaburger establishment/Texas that should be a on your bucket list.

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