Is Color Killing us?

Is Color Killing us?

The Debate of Red #40 and Yellow #5

Now I am positive that anyone who has a single platform of social media they have seen videos talking about how Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Hot Tamales, and many other notable candies are being banned because they have these toxic ingredients in their color dyes.

The main two dyes that everyone seems to be freaking out about are Red 40 and Yellow 5/6. You can probably see parody videos of someone using it as fishing bait or just straight drinking pure Red 40.

The shared ingredient that both of these dyes have within that are the reason everyone is shaking in their boots is a little manmade compound with the chemical formula of TiO2.

Titanium Dioxide or titania is a compound that is found in almost every candy you can think of but mainly known for being in Skittles and is under recent scrutiny because of the theory that many non-natural(man-made) compounds are harmful for the health of the consumer.

Now although this has not been backed up with any sort of reliable evidence it hasn’t stopped many countries from hastily reacting to this theory.

In 2022 Skittles and other notable candy brands were banned in many big named European countries and were forced to have a massive warning on all products warning against ingredients.

Following this, like many other crappy fads finally came to America where a California man took Skittles and their parent company MARS INC to court alleging that skittles are unfit for human consumption on the grounds that they contained a known toxic ingredient.

This court case would be blown out of proportion like almost everything is and eventually become a true bill meant to ban the sale of Skittles in the state of California,

This bill was shot down with not really a challenge, but it did lead to a massive mass freak out of many people of lard when they heard a random unemployed thirty year old, on Tik-Tok with a beard give his stance on “the news” in between talking about something random like whos pregnant or whose the POS that was formerly a person that everyone respected.

And as of right now there is no more current bills being proposed to ban Skittles or Sour Patch Kids, as there is no evidence that any ingredients in these candies will make you sicker than sugar.

So I think I can speak for everyone fat in the country as we can continue eating our slop and terribly processed food and not give a crap as long as their isn’t anything bad inside my color dye to make my type-2 diabetes delivery system look colorful.

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