Mr. Breaker has Lofty Goals

His identity will remain a secret


Jackson Bocis, Staff Writer

Ever wonder who the best gamer ever is?

Neither do I, but I have a good idea about who it might be at Holy Family.

He stands 5-foot-9, weighs in at 140 pounds, and wears glasses.

It’s “the barrel race king”, StarBreaker.

Mr. Breaker is known throughout the senior class as the best gamer in the grade and possibly in school history.

With 3,500 hours on PS4 last year, Mr. Breakers’s goal is to become one of the greats. And while that number might sound small to some people, if you really take the time to calculate it, there are only 8,760 hours in a year.

That means Mr. Breaker is gaming 39 percent of the year.

Despite the rigorous hours put in everyday, Mr. Breaker still finds a way to have a good social life.

He even has some of his friends from school to hop on the gaming grind.

“(He) is nice and all but I can’t beat him in video games,” said senior Jeremy Orbus, who has tried, but can’t take down the master. “He’s on the games 24/7, it’s impossible to beat him.”

After hearing this I decided to get some first hand action against this so called gamer.

Cover of UFC3.

I hopped on the gaming network to play with him and to test his skills I decided to play him in UFC3, a game that Mr. Breaker has been playing everyday since the quarantine began in March.

I immediately regretted my decision.

Before I could even put my left thumb on the controller my character in the game was already knocked out. After that I understood the hype around Mr. Breaker.

For anybody wanting to try their luck against Mr. Breaker, his gamer tag is Break_fas.

Not only is he good at playing UFC3, but he also plays other popular games such as GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto), Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and many others.

Just some of the games Mr. Breaker enjoys to play, including Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, GTA5 and Call of Duty.

When I first heard about Mr. Breakers gaming life I thought he would have this expensive setup with 18 monitors and five consoles, but he actually has nothing more than any average gamer.

He has one television sitting on top of his desk with one PS4. Hearing this I realized gaming is just like anything else in the world, if you work hard at it — no matter how much money you have — you can be great at anything you put your mind too.

Mr. Breakers’ gaming setup.

If you think gaming would get boring after a while, think again.

“When I get tired of playing a game, I put some music on or maybe a podcast,” he said.

Mr. Breaker is humble about his status among the school gaming community, and admits that he has a lot to learn.

Mr. Breaker is an inspiration to gamers all around the school. I suggest if you’re interested in learning more about gaming or how to game, find Mr. Breaker and ask for some tips.

From my personal experience with StarBreaker over the last week I’ve determined he is nobody to be messed with in the gaming community. The PS5 comes out and December and I would expect Mr. Breaker to be on the grind once again.

Mr. Breaker has earned the crown that he has been chasing. He is The Chosen Gamer.