Signing Off, The Class of 2023


Summer Norwell, Staff Writer

It is the end of the school year. This means tomorrow, Friday May 12, will be the last time the class of 2023 seniors have a class at Holy Family High School. There have been many ups and downs over the past four years. But I thought it would be fun to recap some of our teachers and students favorite memories!

Dr. Marchesi has only gotten to teach this senior class for one year but that did not stop her from forming good relationships with her students. Close to the end of the year, she decided that she would bring a water gun into class to shoot students when they were on their phones. When asked what her favorite memory was she said shooting Kevin Barry with the water gun for the first time was her favorite!

Mr. Ybarra, one of the math teachers at Holy Family, said “the senior retreat was really enlightening. Watching everybody do karaoke and all the goofy stuff was a pretty good memory.” However he also loves all his memories with his football team.

Over the past two years, Senior Jack Kruger had formed a good relationship with psychology teacher Mr. Everett. Hanging out with him at school was his favorite memory.

Mrs. Schneider is the AP biology at school. Her favorite memory was during the ecology unit in class when we got to go outside and play “Oh Deer”. “Seeing the joy on everybody’s face as they were running around and tagging each other” is stuck in her mind. 

Joe Brienza was new to Holy Family’s cross country and track team this year. However when asked what his favorite memory was he said “when cross country won regionals for both boys and girls.” A moment he will never forget. 

Senior Gianna Finocchiaro had started a photography page for the student sections at all the football and basketball games this year. Of course when asked what her favorite memory was, her instagram page  “Smile For Gi” was the obvious favorite memory in her high school career.

Last but certainly not least, Mr. Martinez is a new teacher at Holy Family. At the end of first semester he left for paternity leave. When some seniors found out about his baby, before he left they got gifts for his baby, which made the moment all the more special.

These are just a few of the memories that the class of 2023 as well as the teachers have had together. From dances to simple moments of class, these memories will last a lifetime!