Filling the Donut sized hole in my heart-Fat Man Review


Angelo ODorisio, Staff Writer

For the last Fat Man Review of the 22-23 school year I decided to go over a treat that people have been loving for over a century, donuts.

But as always we will have to change our categories up a bit as these two shops are a bit too similar to go off of the normal ones. So instead we will be going off of the donuts themselves and not worry about the locations or anything else. This review is going to be how God intended purely based on my obese experience.

The donuts we will be comparing today will be from Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts (your moms basketball team) the two heads for the donut industry.

Now lets get right into the final review of the year, for this one the categories will be selection, fluffiness, freshness, taste, and cost.

The first category is going to be on the variety of selection each store offers and how easy it is to see all of the options. This point will be going to Dunkin Donuts. Krispy Kreme had a nice selection going on for Mother’s Day, Dunkin Donuts just had a few more options for this Fat Man.

Dunkin Donuts will also receive the next point for fluffiness as well. Dunkin Donuts had very fluffy and big donuts, the only draw back for the fluffiness is that it could make the donut a little dry but that’s usually canceled out by the delicious fillings/frostings. But Krispy Kreme might be less dry, but their donuts are not as fluffy as Dunkin’s. Dunkin takes a 2-0 lead against Krispy Kreme.

Now for the third category we will be going over the cost between the two. At both places I got a dozen of assorted donuts from both places and even though Krispy Kreme was a dollar more expensive ($18) you do get a free fresh donut just off of the conveyor belt so I’m going to give them the point for this category.

That brings us to why I’m also going to be giving the next category to Krispy Kreme as well because you can literally see the donut being made and frosted right in front of you and I don’t really know how much more fresh you can get than that. Krispy Kreme gets the freshness point as well.

Now for the last category of the year for Fat Man Review it will be the most important one by far, taste. Both obviously taste great, because you know, they’re donuts. But the one that stood out to me was the Krispy Kreme. Krispy’s jelly filled donuts taste obviously fake but their actual donuts were out of this world. So I would be giving this point and the review to Krispy Kreme as their donuts tasted the best and they were by far the freshest out these two.